Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Super Moisturizing 'Homemade' Coconut Leave In Conditioner

As promised, I'm back........ to tell you guys about my Homemade Coconut Leave In Conditioner I made with stuff lying the house. I always wanted to invest in a good leave in conditioner, but for some reason I have never gotten around to doing so. I usually end up using my cowashing conditioners as a leave in, which is there is nothing wrong with, I'm just saying that it is something I've yet to do.

Now that I have my Homemade Coconut Leave In,  I don't think I'll ever need to!

It's purpose is to moisture my tresses after cowashing.

It consists of, (canned) Coconut Milk ( did not use the whole can, the 'milk' separated itself from the rest of the liquid, so I used the 'milk' part, and discarded the water), Probably close to if not half a bottle of Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner, Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil, and Castor Oil, I also put a pinch full of Shea Butter, not sure how much it contributed, being that it was such a tiny amount. (Pic of products used below) ( You do not have

 I chose those products because coconut milk to be moisturizing, and since it was the base of my leave in, I wanted to make use of the Coconut Oil, and 'Coconut' conditioner I have, I find that Coconut Oil softens hair, and is great for sealing, I added the Castor Oil for it's hair thickening properties, and it also gives hair a nice sheen! So this Leave in is Moisturizing & Sealing in one!

I did not use measurements ( I think everyone's hair is different, so I would just use according to how much YOU need), I just put what I thought would be best, and put it in my spray bottle I got from Sally Beauty, a while ago. I can't remember how much it cost at the time, but I don't believe it exceeded $5.00 USD. The spray bottle is $3.59 USD on the Sally Beauty website, $3.29 USD if you own a Sally Beauty Club Card.

After putting all my ingredients, I put my finger over the spout so it would not leak, and shook the bottle to mix it. Here's how it looked in the bottle.

It has more of a watery consistency, than creamy, but it makes a great spray leave in, which I find is less heavy, and easier to distribute than that of a creamy conditioner. It left my hair extremely soft, with a really nice sheen. I think I am in love!

The oil does separate from the rest of the ingredients, so you have to shake it up before use.

You guys can try making this leave in yourself, or try making your own concoction with your favorite hair products!

(I think everyone should have an applicator bottle, and a spray bottle in your arsenal for mixing oils, refreshing your hair, etc.)

Until Next Time, Naomi~


  1. wow thats one powerful group of ingredients! i think i would use it as a deep conditioner because it would be too heavy on my hair.

    thanks for the great idea though! coconut milk sounds like an interesting ingredient to play with!


  2. Man this leave in sounds so friggin delicious Naomi!!!! I want to try it so bad!!!!

  3. Thanks Hali, it smells delicious! It leaves my hair super soft, even gives a little definition!

  4. BreukelensFinest, since it contains oil, I do not oil my scalp, or seal, because it is all in one. I can be heavy if sprayed too much.

    It would be a nice dc, but the ingredients are so watery in consistency, it works better as a leave in, in my opinion!

  5. Does this mixture have to be refrigerated?

  6. I can't really determine really how long this mixture will last, but putting it in the fridge could help. I am still using mine, although I believe the coconut milk is not exactly fresh (nicely put lol), but it still works fine. I will have to try putting in the fridge myself with my next batch to see if it is any better. HTH, thanks for visiting and commenting!

  7. This is great! I've bookmarked it. One of these days I will get around to making some stuff for myself. :) It looks so creamy in the bottle. :D

  8. Thanks Treece, I have to get around to making myself a new batch, since it does spoil due to the coconut milk. It last me a good month or so, probably longer in the fridge, so I will try that next time.

  9. I've been looking around for a good leave in / detangler for my daughter and this sounds like a good mixture to try. Did you try putting it in the fridge? if so, did it las longer?


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