Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kinky Twists

I thought it would be nice to share my experience with doing my own Kinky Twists with extensions. (Ignore the expression in the picture lol) I did them over the course of two days, but in actuality, it only took 8 hours to put in. It was my first time doing them myself! But I have done individuals twice before, so I guess you can say I had some form of practice. To prep myself, I watched some kinky twists tutorials on Youtube.
Videos that inspired me were by,
and BeautifulBrwnBabyDol

There were a few others, but I can't quite remember which ones.

I brought my hair at a regular beauty supply store, and the brand I used is by FreeTress Equal, and it is called Marley Braid. I used color 1. I brought 3 bags/packages of hair, but I only used two.
I did them medium sized. The hair is pretty soft, and I cut it in half, because I did not want the hair to be too long, and I curled the ends with perm rods. I started them off as a braid, and then twisted. I liked the results. It is possible to do these styles at home! All you need is some patience, and time, and you can save yourself some money, and give yourself a break in the process!

Until Next Time, HHG to All, Naomi <3

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