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Sunny Isle Rosemary Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review (and Spot Comparison)

Hey All!

I'm back as promised, and I am here to do a review on Sunny Isle's Rosemary Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I have to admit, that this was an oil to get use to, as I usually use Tropical Isle Lavender Jamaican Castor Oil, and the are some differences!

* Please note that I did not purchase this JBCO. It was given to me, so I have no idea of how the shipping process works.

If you buy Sunny Isle Rosemary directly from the distributor's site, this JBCO goes for $10.99 USD for an 8 ounce, excluding shipping costs, which I am assuming will vary, depending on where you live.

Rosemary oil, which I assuming makes the "Rosemary" part to this JBCO, is an essential oil. Essential oils are oils that have an aromatic compound, which makes it great addition to hair care products to give it a pleasant scent. This essential oil in particular has been know to help with stimulating hair growth, which is why it is a good combination to have with JBCO having the ability to help thickening ones hair.

Do not use Rosemary Oil while pregnant.

For easy application, I put this oil in a applicator bottle, I like to be more careful with oils that are harder for me to restock, or a bit pricey!

This is around the time where I do my Cayenne Pepper growth comparisons, but this has been the only "growth aid" I have been using, as I ran out of Cayenne Pepper, and have yet to restock. I refuse to buy a small tin for 5 bucks, so as soon as I see some reasonably priced Cayenne pepper, I will get back to doing my treatments. I have to admit that my regimen has been a teensy bit easier without doing them though, less stuff to do on wash day!

I have been using the oil alone, for a little over a month now, and like I have said before, there are some slight differences between Sunny Isle brand, and Tropical Isle Brand.

Sunny Isle has a thicker consistency, than Tropical Isle. It also has a darker coloring, which could mean a higher ash content.

The Ash comes from the process in which JBCO is extracted, it comes from a seed. The seeds are roasted to release the oil. It is believed that salt can be added to extract more oil, but this is what causes more ash, this ash is carbon, which also effects the consistency.

It is believed that the less ash in the JBCO, means more potency.

Although this oil is thicker than the Tropical Isle Lavender JBCO I usually use, it is still no where close to being as thick as regular clear Cold Pressed, Cold Processed Castor Oil. Which is easier to access, and is also good for thickening, it is just said that JBCO is a bit more potent, and it absorbs easier. For more comparisons check out this post

I can say that it has helped with growth! My bald areas are still filling in, slowly but surely.

It's not amazing progress, but I do see a slight change, I also have been using it along my hair line, and I have seen little baby hair pop up, so I like it. Oh and this JBCO also gives me soft roots as well. My hair also feels thicker, which is a good thing for me, as I have fine hair.

I have not used it long enough to truly tell which brand is better to be honest, so maybe after another month or so of use, I will get more of a feel for it. As for right now, I think Tropical Isle brand is still my favorite.
In the light of comparing the two, I will give Sunny Isle's Rosemary Jamaican Black Castor Oil, a 4/5, (though I have no idea as to which product line has better service/delivery) as I am still a bit weary on how dark this oil is, and it has a thicker consistency than Tropical Isle brand Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

I will revisit, and see if I like it any better...or worse. I hope this info helps a bit!



  1. Hi,
    I just got my JBCO delivered to me. I'm at work at the moment, but can't remember whether it's the Tropical Isle or Sunny Isle. If my memory serves me well, it is the Tropical Isle. What I have done is put a few drops of rosemary oil into a little bowl and pour some of the JBCO to mix. I then use that on my scalp about 2 or 3x per week. I love the smell; very earthy and heady. It has only been a couple of weeks bt I'm confident it will give me the results I am after. BTW, your after pics show that it is clearly working for you. Two months is a ver quick time from beginning of use to showing those kinds of results.

  2. Hi Razza!

    Thanks! It's hard to see results on your own head lol.I have used both brands, I think both work fine, but I just have a preference towards Tropical Isle. I'm sure it will give you great results if you stay consistent. JBCO/Castor Oil has been a part of my regimen since forever. Even though my spots are not filled in as I expected them to be, they use to be completely bald; so I have come far from there.

    I haven't used JBCO in a week! I have been pretty bad at keeping up with my regimen period. I have to get back on the ball. Using JBCO in combination with Hairdrenaline at least 1x a week for 8 hours, or 2x at 4 a piece, I'm hoping by this time next year, my bald spots will be a distant memory.

    Happy Growing!

  3. I have experienced that Jamaican Black Castor Oil thickens the existing hair, but regrowth of new hair takes time. Don't lose hope just be patient.

  4. Thanks for this. I've been considering trying out JBCO's rosemary oil and this has convinced me to give it a shot. The original JBCO has worked great for me over the years and I'm looking forward to see if this works any better.


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