Thursday, April 28, 2011

Short Term Hair Goals & Braid Out

Hey All!

I'm still feeling a bit lazy about my hair, but I haven't been neglecting it completely, I mean after all, my goal is to reach APL by June. I am sooo not sure how I will accomplish it, and I am thinking about investing in some other stimulating oils. I have been eyeing this oil called Gro-aut Oil, it suppose to be chock full of these stimulating herbal &Ayurvedic (traditional oils native of India) oils.

Of course they do not share exactly what's in it so you cannot replicate their oil, but they have an ingredient list, and they say a few of those listed are in this oil.

They have "normal" oils listed like

Coconut- Helps with hair growth
Olive- Conditions/moisturizes hair and helps with elasticity
Lavender- Promotes hair growth, good for those with hair loss/Alopecia
Jojoba- Which is an oil closest to the oils our scalp produces naturally, and helps restore moisture
Rosemary- Promotes Hair growth (DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT)

Then they have the Ayurvedic Oils like

Bhringraj- Prevents hair loss, and helps with dandruff
Shakakai-  Also helps with dandruff and hair loss
Reetha- Helps give hair shine
Lodhra Chaal- Paste made from bark that helps prevent premature greying

Just to name a few.

I am interested in some of the oils listed, and thinking about making my own "Super Grow" oil, but we'll see!

I have been trying to embrace my natural fluff, and get over my hair not being as defined as I want it to be all the time, so tonight I rocked a braid out. I am a huge fan of low manipulation styles if you guys have not noticed!

Kept it simple, I cowashed with Suave Professionals Shea & Almond (my favorite), oiled my scalp with my Rosemary JBCO EVCO mixture, moisturized with my Creamy Aloe Mix, and sealed with EVOO.

I braided my hair into 9-10 plaits, put blue (Cold Wave) Rods on the ends, threw on my satin scarf and kept them in all night and didn't undo them until a couple of hours ago.

Before putting my hair in plaits, I parted my hair to the side, I also coated my finger tips with EVOO so my hair would not be as frizzy.

 Here was the result

Poofy, but I like it! I am going to try to do braid outs more often, though my first love will always be twist outs!


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