Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Setback # a Zillion

(Lol) Hey All.

I know the title is silly, but that is really how I feel right now. Ever since taking out my Havana Twists, I've been back on my regular regimen. M&S, deep conditioning, all that good stuff.

The one thing that I was NOT doing was...duh, duh. Duuuuuhhh!!! Comb my hair. I was liberally putting my hair in 5 flat twists and taking them out the next day.

I wanted to try something different the other day so I used some small cold wave rods (blue, white, and gray) to get a tight curly/coily fro look, which in this case I actually did comb my hair to smooth it onto the rod.  My ends looked chewed up!!!

At this point I knee a trim was not optional, but ridiculously necessary. My hair needed to be straightened to do so, so to make sure I get a really good trim, I had a good friend and co-worker of mine do it for me.

Lord, when she combed my hair it sounded and felt as if she were using a rake! Total torture! She trimmed a bit at first, and tried to "save" my hair, but after seeing it wouldn't curl, she went ahead and cut a bit more... Somewhere between 1- 1/2 in. Were cut so I went from a damaged CBL to a healthy SL. I'm a little saddened, and feel a bit bald-headed, but I know it was.for the best. Can't hold on to hair that is already gone.

Let's just hope I can keep it healthy this time. Not sure how I'm going.to work out tonight without totally ruining my hair, but we shall see!

Oh, and make sure you baby those ends!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Colored My Hair!

Hey All.

For a long time now, I have disliked my natural hair color. It was a very odd ashen shade of, brown. It pretty much was my deterrent from rocking my hair out for a long time. I have always had braids, or put it in some for of a ponytail, or straightened, to avoid having to wear a 'fro. Not because I was ashamed of my natural texture, but because I loathed my hair color! Sound strange I know.

I've always liked black hair, and it is always my go to shade, whenever I chose to do a protective style with extensions. I was afraid of the whole notion because of the way Naturals segregate themselves. I felt that I would be categorized as a "Colored Natural" opposed to just being, Natural. I understand it to a degree, because Color does have chemicals and can alter your texture slightly; but after talking to my lovely ladies on BHP, I decided to go ahead and darken these strands!

The first time...yes there was more than one, (Lol) I used Adore Blue Back,

which is a Semi-Permanent bottle. I paid around $4.00 USD for one bottle. I made sure to do this on clean hair, it was wet, so I let the color sit for maybe an hour, without a cap. I used about half the bottle. A good portion of it was used on my white wall, which I'm sure my Landlord is going to kill me for! (Lol)

I liked the idea of a Semi Permanent because it pretty much is deposit only, meaning it contains on developers. It merely coats the hair until it washes out, which is great for someone like myself who is afraid of commitment. I was so pleased to have my Blue Black Hair, it was Black but you could see the Blue in the light.

I had one of my coworkers wash my hair since I felt like I wasn't able to wash my hair properly alone, and low and behold...I lost some color! I was UPSET when I saw my Ash Brown roots rear it's ugly head! I mean I should have expected it, a Semi is only meant to last 4-6 washes, which a lot of people mistakenly call a rinse. A rinse, washed out in 1 wash. Another one of my coworkers suggested a Demi Permnent Color, which lasts a little longer than a Semi, because it contains a small about of developer (ammonia). Then I thought, what am I afraid of, so what if I get called a "Colored Treated Natural", it's my hair, and I should be able to do with it, what I please!

That same day I ended up got to a local Rite Aid, I know box color, horrible, (Lol), and ended up getting Revlon Colorsilk in Blue Black.
It was extremely cheap for Permanent Hair Color, I believe I paid $4.00USD for this as well. Again I did this on damp hair, it made it easier for me to work it through the sections, because my hair is prone to tangles when dry. I followed the directions, application was easy, and left it on for the allotted time, but it started to itch/burn so then I ran to the sink! It felt like a relaxer when you first get that itch sensation.

Again I was pleased with the results! I'm natural so I wet my hair on multiple occasions during the week, and have yet to see a fade in my color. I love the darkness of it, but to be honest, I don't really see any Blue, but that's okay, I finally have my black hair I've been wanting for years!

I wear Flat Twists out's and, Puffs just about all the time now. Though I'm deeply suffering from those pesky SSK's! Either way I'm just in love with my hair again, my family and friends are too! Which makes it all that much better!!!

Tip: Just because you are natural, doesn't mean you have to limit yourself! It's your hair, have fun with it!


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