Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Setback # a Zillion

(Lol) Hey All.

I know the title is silly, but that is really how I feel right now. Ever since taking out my Havana Twists, I've been back on my regular regimen. M&S, deep conditioning, all that good stuff.

The one thing that I was NOT doing was...duh, duh. Duuuuuhhh!!! Comb my hair. I was liberally putting my hair in 5 flat twists and taking them out the next day.

I wanted to try something different the other day so I used some small cold wave rods (blue, white, and gray) to get a tight curly/coily fro look, which in this case I actually did comb my hair to smooth it onto the rod.  My ends looked chewed up!!!

At this point I knee a trim was not optional, but ridiculously necessary. My hair needed to be straightened to do so, so to make sure I get a really good trim, I had a good friend and co-worker of mine do it for me.

Lord, when she combed my hair it sounded and felt as if she were using a rake! Total torture! She trimmed a bit at first, and tried to "save" my hair, but after seeing it wouldn't curl, she went ahead and cut a bit more... Somewhere between 1- 1/2 in. Were cut so I went from a damaged CBL to a healthy SL. I'm a little saddened, and feel a bit bald-headed, but I know it was.for the best. Can't hold on to hair that is already gone.

Let's just hope I can keep it healthy this time. Not sure how I'm going.to work out tonight without totally ruining my hair, but we shall see!

Oh, and make sure you baby those ends!


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