Sunday, November 27, 2011

Favorite New Hairstyle- Flat Twist Out's

Hey All!

I remember saying that I was going to share my holiday hair with you all, sooo that is what I am here to do!

I originally wanted to do a rod set, (which I am still lusting after) but because I was up late the night before, I had to do a rushed hairstyle, and though I am terrible at doing Flat Twists, it is faster than two strands, and I knew it would take better on dry hair.

All I did was dampen my hair a tiny bit, and used Shea Butter to give my hair a little moisture. I did six Flat Twists all together, and Bantu Knotted the ends, so they would blend with the rest of my hair.

I slept with them, and took them out in the afternoon. They were perfectly stretched, and wavy! My exact desired results. I have to say that I prefer this to my beloved two stranded twist, my hair looked less clumpy and blended.

I even got compliments from my mother, who stands by the creamy crack and constantly picks at me for being natural. So that is a plus in my book. Even my transitioning sister rocked her fro proudly.

Even with being natural for 2 years, I am still discovering what styles work for me! Oh, and I believe my sister did a really chunky twist out, with a side part.

I hope you guys love it as much as I do!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Hey All!

I know I am super late, but I had a lot of house hopping to do, and errands to run, but  I did not forget about you all! I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! There is nothing like spending time with family....with FOOD. We all know that is the best part! (Lol)

I would also like to say food luck to you brave souls who are out there fighting shoppers for items, and standing on those long lines, on this Black Friday. I did it once, and it was freezing, and it was a sight to see! (Lol) Maybe I will participate next year.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apparently I Have Been Featured

Hey All.

I have been meaning to post about my sulfur mix, but as soon as I get new batteries, and find the cord for my camera, I will be able to get pictures.

This post however is about something different. I was minding my business on Facebook, and you know how you get notifications right? Well a friend of mine posted a video on my wall, so I am thinking it is something funny, but apparently someone on Youtube made a video for Hairstyles for Natural Haired Brides, and my picture found it's way in there. (Lol)

I did not get permission so I am not sure how I feel about it, but I must admit I am a touch flattered that they felt my style was appropriate enough to be featured.

The other styles are quite pretty, but if you are not interested in all of that, my picture pops up at the 2:05 mark. Creative Wedding Styles

I wanted to post the video in this post but for some reason it is not letting me.

Again, it is a little flattering but a touch invasive, but unless you watermark your pictures, they can be easy to take and be used to a persons liking. So be careful!


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