Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flat Iron Regimen Results

Hey All!

I did not get a chance to post the results of my recent Flat Ironing! So here what it looked like. Sorry about the quality of the pictures!

Air Dried plaits from the night before

I blew dried my hair and sectioned it in a bun. Where you see the straight part is where I started flat ironing.

Finished result before the trim.

Finished result with the trim.

Ironically, it was a foggy/rainy day, so I ended u putting my hair into a ponytail, after finally getting dressed to go out. (Because I was in a bra all that time. LOL)

By the end of the night, my pony became frizzy and I put it into a bun

There you have it! (Lol) I love the results that flat ironing regimen gives, so I will not every stray. I just wanted to share that. I will be back with reviews as promised a little later!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flat Iron Regimen (No Heat Damage!)

Hey All!

I am pleased to announce, that my flat iron regimen was a complete success! How do I know,  because I did not suffer from any Heat Damage! I have 100% reversion. Now, I feel comfortable enough to share my regimen. I was afraid that I used too much heat, but apparently my delicate strands can handle it. It was a two day process.

Flat Iron Regimen
Day 1
Wash my hair. I used Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple. Yes I use sulfates, (LOL) I know, I am horrible
Cowashed quickly, because I used a sulfate poo.
Protein Treatment using Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner, mixed with Mayonnaise, for extra umph. Covered with baggy for 1 hour.
Moisturizing DC I used Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Conditioner mixed with Ginseng Miracle Wonder 8 Oil, and Shea Butter. I ended up heating everything up in the microwave because the Shea Butter would not melt (Lol). I covered with a baggy for an hour.
Rinsed and Detagled with Tangle Teezer
Oiled scalp with my Sulfur infused Olive oil
Moisturized using Aphogee Green Tea and Keratin Restructurizer (Sprayed in sections)
Sealed using Ginseng Miracle Wonder 8 Oil (Sprayed in sections)
Put my hair into plaits (10) covered with a satin scarf, and let it air dry overnight.

Day 2
Undo plaits
Paddle brushed hair
Blow dryed hair using paddle brush
Combed out each strand before...
Flat ironing 

Sidenote**: I used two flat irons. Just to draw a comparison to the two, to see if one is better than the other.. My MaxiGlide Xpress on level 7 about 420 degrees, and my other I received from Cosmetology school, to which I have used on clients. It is a Diane Jetz #4010, which to my surprise, works amazingly. (I will do this regimen again this weekend minus the protein treatment, using the two flat irons so I can give a proper review next post, with pictures!)

I would say I was done in a little over an hour, and my hair came out silky straight. You would think I had gotten a fresh relaxer, and that is saying a lot because I have 4a hair.

Oh, and to finish, I sprayed my hair with....

Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Perfect. It is not a sheen spray, but a flat ironing spray; which means you could use during the flat ironing process, I prefer to use it after, as I find it helps block humidity!

 It worked for me, so I wanted to share the wealth! I will be back with pictures!


I can do a review on the spray at a  later post as well.

Anyway, that is my Flat Iron Regimen. I kept my hair straight for 2 weeks, with flat ironing my edges and nape in between, and again, still did not suffer from heat damage. This is what works for me!

Oh and hair burns at 450 degress, so do not use your iron that high! (You will know because that is when your hair will start smelling like you are cooking it. Lol)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey All!

I have been away so I honestly have not had time to post, but I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Holiday. I have seen enough of my family to last me the whole year! (Lol)

I have been committing hair crimes over these past couple of weeks; for I have been flat ironing my hair often. I believe 2-3x, and hit my nape and edges numerous times to get my ponytails and buns sleek. I did not realize how much effort it took to maintain the bone straight look, at lease then you are natural. I do not regret it though, because I honestly did not have time to really fuss with my hair.

I love the method I used to straighten it though. I have not oiled my scalp since straightening it, but it still has a sheen; which is unheard of for my dry porous hair. Will be sharing that regimen next post, the products I used, flat iron(s) and so forth, so look out!


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