Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flat Iron Regimen Results

Hey All!

I did not get a chance to post the results of my recent Flat Ironing! So here what it looked like. Sorry about the quality of the pictures!

Air Dried plaits from the night before

I blew dried my hair and sectioned it in a bun. Where you see the straight part is where I started flat ironing.

Finished result before the trim.

Finished result with the trim.

Ironically, it was a foggy/rainy day, so I ended u putting my hair into a ponytail, after finally getting dressed to go out. (Because I was in a bra all that time. LOL)

By the end of the night, my pony became frizzy and I put it into a bun

There you have it! (Lol) I love the results that flat ironing regimen gives, so I will not every stray. I just wanted to share that. I will be back with reviews as promised a little later!



  1. Hi! I have a similar issue with my hairline. I've been pretty much dealing with it since I was a kid. Mostly because I use to braid my front incredibly tight and other times I would literally pull out my hair. I'm 27 now and pretty much doing everything to prevent any further pulling. I was just wondering if you had any luck with the jamaican black castor oil? Or any other treatments in that area.

    Sincerely, Melissa :)

    1. Hi Melissa! My hair has been that way since I was a I've been told. Lol. My mother said it was from her putting my pony tails in too tight, so it seems as though I have Traction Alopecia.

      I have "fuzz" on my spots, and my edges grew back, though through leaving in my past style (yarn braids) some of the hair that was there fell out.

      I haven't been consistant with it, and I've ran out lol, so I plan on getting back to it. I feel like the Cayenne pepper was helping as well. I'll get back on it soon. HTH, and HHJ!

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