Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey All!

I have been away so I honestly have not had time to post, but I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Holiday. I have seen enough of my family to last me the whole year! (Lol)

I have been committing hair crimes over these past couple of weeks; for I have been flat ironing my hair often. I believe 2-3x, and hit my nape and edges numerous times to get my ponytails and buns sleek. I did not realize how much effort it took to maintain the bone straight look, at lease then you are natural. I do not regret it though, because I honestly did not have time to really fuss with my hair.

I love the method I used to straighten it though. I have not oiled my scalp since straightening it, but it still has a sheen; which is unheard of for my dry porous hair. Will be sharing that regimen next post, the products I used, flat iron(s) and so forth, so look out!


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