Thursday, December 30, 2010

I said I would not do it....

.........but I have to! Thanks to my wonderful Fiance, I can take better quality pics, because he got me a new camera for Christmas! He bought me the Nikon COOLPIX L22, in red!

I am awfully glad, because taking close up pics for comparisons, were tough doing with my old camera.

I hope you guys got all you wanted for Christmas!

Just wanted to share! :)


Monday, December 27, 2010

Soybean Oil for Skin!

As you all know, I recently found out that the 'Vegetable Oil', I use to cook, is actually Soybean Oil, with after doing research, I have found that it can be very good for hair. Soybean Oil for Hair.

So I have been using Soybean Oil to prepoo, as well as adding it to my deep conditioner/treatments, but then I thought it would be a could idea to use it as a sealant.

I recently purchased a new spray bottle from Family Dollar, and wanted to test it out, so I poured a bit of Soybean Oil into the bottle, and the rest with water. I shook the bottle, to get it to mix a bit, and went to spray, and come to find out, the bottle does not work!

I do not know if it is the pressure or what, but either way, the trigger does not work, and it does not spray, so I have bought a useless spray bottle (pictured below). Thankfully it only cost me $1.00 USD, so I was not too upset about it not working.

In bottle: Soybean Oil mixed with water.

I did not want to just toss it out, so I decided to try it out on my skin!

Once mixed up the consistency was much like baby oil, and I would say it has done a good job of keeping my skin feel moisturized and smooth. Of course, like baby oil, I apply it to semi damp skin, that way it can seal in the moisture.

Baby oil really is Mineral Oil with fragrance, which we know is acts as a barrier, and does not allow moisture in or out. Which is the reason it is applied to damp skin.

So my mishap has lead me to learn another use for this wonderfully cheap, and useful oil. Just wanted to share my discovery.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Refresh Old Braids

Hey All!

As most of you know, I have been in Yarn Braids, for a month officially now. Thing is, braids can slip, or you can experience new growth, the longer you keep them in. It is great, but it does not exactly look good as they did when you first got them installed. As your roots are no longer inside the braid, and can be seen, and at that point, you are fooling no one! lol

Well, my hair had gotten to that point, but since I have a month left, I did not want to go through it with my new growth being on display, so I opted to rebraid my edges, and my middle row.

I intially intended to rebraid my entire head over, but then I thought it would be logical to only braid the sections of my hair that would be visable. A couple of rows in the back, so I can wear a high bun, or pony if I chose to, the middle two rows-front only, so I can wear my hair parted. So now I look as though I have fresh braids.

I already had pre-cut yarn, because I saved it! From when I was preparing to install my Yarn Braids. I suggest saving unsed portion hair (if in package) or yarn . You can save yourself some money, and effort it takes to go to the store. So that is what I used!

Now my braids look as they did when I first installed them! It really helps because it would have taken me hours to complete my entire head, for the same results. It will help me get through the next month without feeling self conscious.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some tips and tricks I have learned with braids this time around.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cayenne Pepper Comparison Update/Pics (4th Edition)

Hey all!

To be fair, I honestly have not used Cayenne Pepper since installing my braids, but none the less, I want to give you all an update.

As you all  I have been Cayenne Pepper, as a growth aid since February 2009. I decided to give Cayenne Pepper a try because acts as a stimulant. It causes blood to flow to the area it is applied to, which helps awaken dormant follicles, thus causing hair growth. To get info on how I use and make my treatment, check out previous post.
 Why Use Cayenne Pepper
Part II, of Why Use Cayenne Pepper

I also use (Home Health) Castor Oil, (Tropical Isle) Lavender JBCO, to help promote growth in between Cayenne Pepper Treatments usually, but since the braids, I cannot do them, so I have strictly been using my JBCO/Castor Oil mixture. I am not sure how not doing my Cayenne Pepper Treatments has affected my growth, but to be honest I cannot really tell the difference.

Anyway, that has been my progress thus far! Comment and let me know if you see any difference! Maybe it is my eyes? lol


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soft Roots

Hey all!

I oiled my scalp last night with my JBCO mixture (Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Home Health Castor Oil, and Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil) and my roots feel so soft! I am not sure whether my braids have slipped on it is new growth but either way, it feels lovely!

I should not be surprised though, JBCO has always left my roots feeling soft and moisturized, which is why it is a necessary staple in my regimen.

So if you are looking for an oil that promotes growth and thickness, while softening your new growth, this oil is it!

I have still been applying JBCO on my bald spots, and I am feeling more fuzz, so I guess that is a good thing. I will be doing an other comparison with pictures, sometime this week, so look out for that post.

You will have to give a little with expectations, as I have not used Cayenne Pepper (promotes growth through circulation) in about 3 weeks, and I usually do 1-2 four hour treatments, with a shower cap.

I also will be washing my braids this weekend along with redoing some braids, at least the ones along my hairline, so they will look decent for Christmas.  I hope I can come up with a hairstyle for Christmas, instead of the usual bun or ponytail.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a quick update!


Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey all,

I have got nothing to report hair wise, I have just been bunning, and doing other simple styles, following my regimen, but today I got a surprise!

I got a Secret Santa gift! On BHP, for the first time, we did Secret Santa, and everyone was given a pal to send a gift to. We all wrote a list of things we wanted, and the secret santa could pick from the list and send the gift. I received mine today.

One of my gifts I am super excited to try is, Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer. It can be used as a leave in, and heat protectant. I will not be trying this until these braids come out, but it has been something I have been wanting to try since forever. (Thanks again!)

There are a couple of other items I received in my gift box, that I have never tried before. So I will be reviewing those, along with the Aphogee Keratin.

I am hoping I can start doing give away's next year, and do a Christmas/Holiday gift basket. So we will see what the new year brings!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Drying Yarn Braids

After washing my Yarn Braids yesterday, it took about 12 hours for them to dry fully. I washed them at noon yesterday and they were done drying around midnight.

So for those of you who have yarn braids, or are looking to get them, they do take quite some time to dry!I would definitely set a wash day on a day when you have no other plans. I

had to ring my braids out multiple times to get water, as the yarn was trying to retain the moisture, which is a good thing, but not to the point where they're heavy and full of water. Even after doing that they stayed damp throughout the day.

I am sure the length and amount of yarn you used has something to do with the drying time as well.

Just wanted to give you all an update!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Washing Yarn Braids

A process that I was dreading......turned out to be quite simple!

Prior to shampooing I oiled my scalp with my Lavender JBCO mixture, and then coated my braids, concentrating on the top half (where my hair is) with Soybean Oil (Vegetable Oil). I did so by oiling my braids in sections. I made four sections and when I was done with one, I would twist it, and put the length of my twist on top of my head.

It was hard to balance, but I repeated with the other three sections, and then made a bun on top of my head by tucking the ends, and securing with an elastic band. Like so...

I put on my satin scarf, and bonnet, and then went to bed. I decided to wash in the shower since it would be the easiest.

I let the water run over my hair, and then washed my hair in for sections, three times each. Using about a quarter size of Suave Professionals Shea & Almond shampoo. (The hair got sooo heavy!)

The first two times I concentrated on my roots, rubbing with my finger tips (not scratching!) rinsing after each wash, the third time, I focused on the hair, by using both my hands and rubbing the hair between both my palms, and then rinsed.

Since I did not plan on deep conditioning, I followed with putting Suave Professionals Shea & Almond conditioner on my roots, and the top half of my hair, as this is where my real hair is. I then twisted my hair in sections, as I did to prepoo, and tucked the ends and secured with a elastic band.

 I did not keep time, but I am sure the conditioner stayed in my hair for about 10-15 minutes. I rinsed with cool water, and then rung my hair out.

I then oiled my scalp with my JBCO mixture, and then sprayed my hair with my leave in (diluted VO5 Moisturizing Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie & Castor Oil).

To keep my hair out of my face I took the front sections and braided my hair, and left the back loose. It is still pretty wet now, so I am going to have to ring it out some more, but I want leave it down so it can dry fully. Here is how it looks...

It actually was an enjoyable experience. It felt nice to let water touch my scalp again! I'll be doing this process every two weeks, until I take these braids out.

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience with you all!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (w. Ginseng)

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil

This product has been a staple in my regimen for a while now, and it is a gem!

I originally intended on using African Royale Hot Six Oil, since I heard so many great review, but I decided to go with Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, since it was easier on the pockets.

 An 8 ounce bottle of Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil goes for $1.99 USD vs. $4.00-5.99 (depending on the retailer) for African Royale's Hot Six Oil.

African Royale Hot Six Oil

I cannot attest to whether one oil is better than the other, as the both contain natural ingredients, all except the last, which is fragrance.

This oil smells like baby powder and has a very light consistency. It is pretty easy to apply. I can tend to run if you use too much, but to combat that, you put the oil in an applicator bottle for easier and more controlled distribution.

I add it to everything, I seal with it, I use it on my scalp, as a prepoo, mix it in my setting lotion for rod sets, in my deep conditioners, I adore this oil! It can also be used for your skin, and nails/cuticles! It always leaves my roots soft, and hair with a nice sheen!

The Ingredients:
Soy Bean Oil , Walnut Seed Oil , Kiwi Fruit Extract , Olive Fruit Oil , Castor Seed Oil , Sesame Seed Oil , Jojoba Seed Oil , Carrot Seed Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Tocopheryl Acetate , Safflower Oil , Calendula Extract , Yarrow Extract , Cucumber Extract , Carrageenan Extract , Ginseng Extract , Sage Extract , Comfrey Extract , Aloe Extract , Fragrance

For $1.99 this oil is a great deal! It will always be a staple in my regimen. It gets a 5/5 from me!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(Yarn) Braid Regimen

Hey all!

I am loving my braids so far! I have been experimenting with styles here and there, which I have yet to take a photo of! I will make sure to do next time.

Lately my favorite style so far is a high bun.

Anyway, my regimen so far.....

-Moisturize 4x a week (Using diluted VO5 Moisturizing Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie Conditioner with Home Health Castor Oil)

- Wash 2x a month (Have yet to decide on shampoo)

- Deep Condition 2x a month (Have yet to decide on dc)

-Oil scalp 1x a week (Using a mixture of Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and Home Health Castor Oil)

I have yet to wash or deep condition my braids, which is why I have not set products for them. I have never deep conditioned my hair while it is in braids, so I am nervous about doing so. I may baggy with oils overnight, in place of deep conditioning.

Either way, I want to ensure my hair gets moisture while in braids, as I want it to grow! However, I do not want to get product build up, which is why I do not oil my scalp too often, and am weary of deep conditioning.

I will be washing my braids and I also want to do a moisturizing treatment next weekend, so I have some time to think about whether I will be deep conditioning or baggying. I plan on keeping my braids for 7 more weeks, and I will be rebraiding my edges in time for Christmas, so they will look fresh for the holiday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all, I am a bit late, but I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

African Royale BRX Braid & Extension Sheen Spray - Review

I use my own concoction to moisturize my braids, but staying with family I came across African Royale BRX Braid Sheen Spray, so I gave it a try.  I have always wanted to use braid spray, but never got around to buying one, I don't wear braids too often, so I suppose that is why.

I sprayed my braids, and made sure to do the full length, and then sprayed my scalp.

It smells nice but literally 5 minutes later, my scalp was itching like crazy! I can't scratch my scalp, so I've been doing the 'Pat My Weave' dance. It does not itch as much since a few hours have passed, but I am quite disappointed. I had high hopes for this braid spray, especially since it was my first time using this product. I must be allergic to one of the ingredients, I am not sure which.

Deionized Water , Glycerin , Propylene Glycol , PPG-12-PEG-50 Lanolin , Dicetyldimonium Chloride , Polyquaternium 32 & Paraffinum Liquidum , Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Leaf Oil , Polysorbate 80 , Oat (Avena Sativa) Kernel Extract , Allantoin , Silk Amino Acids , Sheep Sorrell , Yarrow , Slippery Elm Bark , Sage , Henna , Comfrey , Burdock Root , Goldenseal , Cherry Bark , Ginseng , Black Walnut , Chamomile , Alfalfa , Hyssop , Wheat Germ , Methyl & Propyl Paraben , Fragrance

The spray smells lovely, but I find that it dries very quickly, so I am not sure how moisturized my braids are. Either way, I cannot use it on my scalp. I am going to try to pay attention to the ingredients in this spray, to see if any other products I have contains any of the ingredients and see how my scalp reacts.

Sadly enough trial and error are the only way to see how well your hair will react to a product, luckily for me, I did not have to purchase this spraIy. So if you can try sample sizes, or travel sizes when trying a new product, I suggest doing so. It can save you some money!
As far as moisturizing goes, my hair does not feel any better or worse than it did before I sprayed them with this product, I cannot speak for my scalp, since I had an allergic reaction, so even with only one use, this product did not do it for me.

I guess I can give it a 2 out of 5, just because I like the way it smells!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yarn Braids-Results

Hey guys!

After a grueling 20 hours (I'm a slow braider) I am finished! (Of course with breaks here and there.)

To my surprise, I only used about half or a 3/4 of one spool of yarn! There is still a good chunk left over, and I actually did the braids smaller than I originally intended.

My parts are not the best, but I would say I did pretty well for a first timer!

 I will admit, I did encounter some knots, my fault though, I did not moisturize properly, and started yanking the yarn out to redo some braids. I did not have to cut much knots out, maybe 3-4 strands, but I am hoping that the length grows back by the time I take them out.  After moisturizing, and combing through each strand properly, I did not encounter any more knots. Thank goodness!

I am not exactly sure how I will upkeep them. I plan on washing at least bi-weekly, and maybe baggy (baggying is when you apply an oil or moisturizer, and use a plastic cap, shower cap, or plastic bag over your entire head, or ponytail, for a couple of hours or overnight to lock moisture into your hair) in place of deep conditioning. I have not quite figured it out yet. I plan on keeping these in for at least a month, so I will have to develop some kind of regimen. I will keep you guys posted on that one.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my results with you all!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yarn Braid Prep

I know it has a bit since my last post, but I have been prepping my hair for Yarn Braids (similar to Individual/Box Braids, the only difference is instead of hair, yarn is used). So I have been getting my final Cayenne Pepper Treatments while my scalp is free.

This will be my first time wearing/installing them.

Today I have both a hard protein treatment, and moisturizing deep conditioner. (you should always follow hard protein treatments by a moisturizing deep conditioner, as you want the hair to have balance, and not tangle or break)

Now on to the yarn...

My Tools:

A Chair- To wrap yarn around base, to make sure yarn is cut evenly
Hair Shears- To cut yarn
Shea Butter- In case hair feels dry
Lighter- To burn ends of yarn to secure
Comb- To make parts

Those are all you need really. At least it is enough for me.

I purchased two spools of yarn from Wal-Mart. Red Heart brand for $2.33 and  the lighter from my local supermarket for $1.49 USD. So overall, this style costs less than $6.00 bucks (without tax).

I have already moisturized and sealed my hair, I braided my hair into six plaits, to stretch my hair since I had to go out. It was not dry by the time I got home, so I blow dried my hair by each plait/section.

My hair blow dried.

I wrapped the yarn along the legs of my chair, to make sure to cut evenly, I say they are about 16 inch 'strands'.

Here's how it looks wrapped

Here's how it looks cut

I am starting to braid tonight, we'll see how long it takes to finish. Wish me luck!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cayenne Pepper + Shower Cap= Steam

 As you all know, I have been using 'Cayenne Treatments' to aide growing back hair on my bald areas. It really on consists of water and ground cayenne pepper. All I do is apply it to my bald spots, and throw on a shower cap, and let it sit on my scalp for a few hours.

I make sure that it has a pate like consistency, as it is easier to apply and does not drip.

The past few times while doing my treatment, I noticed condensation on the inside of my shower cap. Similar to what happens to your mirrors in the bathroom while taking a hot shower.

Maybe it is the heat my scalp is giving off from the cayenne pepper being on it, as cayenne pepper helps with blood flow. So I'm thinking that is what causes the steam.

It is not immediate, it happens over a couple of hours, I am sure because, hot air is being trapped. I cannot tell if it does anything for my hair, as I usually prepoo overnight, and do the treatment the following day before shampooing.

It still is pretty cool. Here's a pic.

Not a very clear pic, but it looks kind of foggy under there. Either way, my hair is always super soft after doing my treatment (prior to prepooing).

Steaming your hair helps soften and restore moisture back into your hair. You can do a makeshift steaming, putting a plastic cap on your head, and  wrapping hot towels around , I have heard turbie twist towels are good for that. Or you can invest in a hair steamer.

Just wanted to share.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(Finger) Coil Out Results

As promised, I am back with pics of the results of my (Finger) Coil Out. I did not use an product, just used my fingers to pull the coils apart, and threw on a headband.

I am pleased with the results, so I'll be adding this style to my repertoire! I actually find that the curl definition I got with this coil out is similar to two strand twist out curls. If you do smaller twists as I tend to do.

I only wore this coil out for a day, since I had to cowash (itchy scalp), but I am sure this style can last 2-3 days, perhaps more depending on how you care for it.

Although my hair type is 4a, I am sure 4b's and 3's can try this style too, since it requires you to use a curl defining product (gel, hair puddings, etc)

Anyway, just wanted to share, hope you guys like it, and try it for yourself! Comment and Subscribe!

Until Next Time, Naomi ~

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Low Manipulation Style: Finger Coils!

Yesterday I went through my normal wash day routine.

I have a couple of different brands I use,  but I ended up using Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut  to wash, cowash. 

I of course prepooed overnight, with coconut oil, after putting my hair plaits. I was able to do so did so overnight by using saran wrap. I made sure to put on my satin scarf and bonnet for good measure.

I made my own deep conditioner mix, using oils mixed with the Suave conditoner, and oiled scalp with JBCO/Castor Oil mix. I am out of leave in, so also used the same conditioner as leave in and sealed with coconut oil.

Now here came the hard part, deciding on whether to do a Low Manipulation (a style that requires little maintenance/does not need to be combed or redone. ie. Bantu Knot Outs, Braid/Twist Outs, Rod/Rollersets, etc.) ...... or Protective (styling that 'hides' your ends. These styles help retain length because your ends are not able to rub against clothing are are not subjected to the elements)

There are my go to hair styles , but I like to try something new every once in a while to switch it up.

So I eventually decided on low manipulation.

 Playing in my hair I realized that it can coil around itself resembling a curl. So I decided, 'why not try to do that to my whole head'?!

 I have products on my shelf that I rarely used, so I picked one of those to do my finger coils with, Redken Curlwise 14. It is a free sample I had received a while ago, and I have used it to do two strand twists, so I knew it would be okay to use.
Especially since this product is 'meant' to define curls.

This style was relatively simple to do, all I had to do is put a bit of product on my finger tip, and 'twirl' the hair around my finger.

I am sure you can use regular gel like Eco Styler brand, or your preferred gel or even a lock and twist gel like Organic Root Stimulator brand or something similar. I think anything product made to define curls would do.

Here are the results

It is a simple style, only took about an hour (if that) to install. It depends on how big or small your finger coils are. I like it so far, it kind of gives me the locked hair look, without the commitment.

Finger coils can start to lock (which is great if you are looking for, duck bill metal clips, may also be of help.) if kept in too long, so I plan to pull them apart tomorrow. Hopefully it will result in cute curls! *crossing fingers*

Will keep you guys posted on that one.  Anyway I just wanted to share.

Until Next Time! Naomi~

Friday, November 5, 2010

Retaining Length for 2011!

Not too long ago, I accomplished my short term goal of reaching full SL (shoulder length) by my 1 year natural anniversary.

Now I am on to my next goal....reaching APL (arm pit length). I have heard that SL to APL takes the longest! Of course I cannot contest to this, as I have not reached APL, but it is something frequently said in the forums I am part of..

Keeping that in mind, I plan on reaching my goal by retaining all of new growth/length I accumulate throughout the year. The best way to retain length is by doing protective styles. Protective styles insure you ends being protected.

Now your ends is not where growth occurs, it happens at the root, but it is how we are able to see length. Your ends are the oldest and most fragile part of your hair, so if anything occurs like splits, or single strand knots, it is your ends that has to be dusted or trimmed. Meaning you will loose some length. This is not such a horrible thing, as it is better to have healthy shorter hair, then long hair with frazzled ends.

You want your hair to not only be long, but also to be healthy! Once you figure out how to keep your hair healthy, retaining length will be a piece of cake!

Everyone's hair grows at different rates, but hair growth can range between 0.25-1 inch a month. It also has to do your diet/health, and how well you care for your hair. Genetics also does play a part, as well.

I would say I am about 4 inches away from my goal. I average half an inch of growth each month, so I'm hoping to retain it all and make my goal of APL within 8 months, but to be fair, (as my hair may not grow a lot one month, or grow more another. It is good to set realistic goals, as to not disappoint  or discourage yourself.) I know that I have stated that I would like to make my goal by June, but I will give myself until December of 2011.

 (December 2011 is also my goal date for my  bald spots to be filled.)

I am going to try to do a lot of protective styling this winter, like pony tails and buns, and maybe two strand twists and box braids. As protective styling is the best way to retain growth, because it is not being manipulated.

I can still do low manipulation styling because since I am natural, I get a lot of shrinkage. So my hair in it's natural state does not reach my shoulders. My unstretched hair  looks CL (Chin Length), sometimes NL (neck length) and that is on a good day.

I am hoping to be SL unstretched one day too.

I set goals as a way of motivating myself, and to keep up with my regimen. Plus it makes it fun!

For hair acronyms, or abbreviations and hair charts, check out  previous post

I hope this gives you an idea of ways to retain length!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prepoo Overnight, Using Saran Wrap! (+ Sulfate Definitions)

Now I am sure some of you may saying to yourself 'What in the world is a prepoo?'  and 'Why would I use saran wrap?', but let me tell you, if you use shampoo that contains Sulfates, prepooing will make a world of difference.

Before I do that, I'll give you all the run down of what kinds of sulfates are used in hair care products, and what they do.

Sulfates is a short term to describe four common types of sulfates that can be found hair care products. They are, Sodium Lauryl, Sodium Laureth, Ammonium Lauryl, and Sodium Myreth.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/SLS ( also known as Sodium Laurllsulfate or Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate/SDS), is an agent normally found in shampoo's and cleaning products, such as car detergents, floor cleaners, toothpaste, etc. This chemical is used in products because of it's foaming/thickening ability. It is also known to be a skin and irritant, which explains why your eyes burn if you get shampoo in your eye.

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate/ALS
(also known as Ammonium Dodecyl Sulfate/ADS) another base in cleaners for it's ability to break down hydrogen bonds, and distribute water evenly. This allows water to penetrate a surface or hair easier. It also has the ability to dissolve anything coming off of the surface applied to. Which could explain the stripped (dry) feeling, you may experience when using shampoo containing this sulfate.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (also know as Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate/ SLES) another chemical that is found in hygienic products, such as soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, etc. Similar to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, this chemical is used for its foaming abilities.

Sodium Myreth Sulfate is a clear chemical used in make up, and other hygienic products as listed previously. This chemical is similar to Sodium Laureth Sulfate, because it goes through a process that gives it detergent properties like it's counterpart, except it contains more fatty alcohol. This fatty alcohol is called 1-Tetradenacol or Myristyl Alcohol.

Myristyl Alcohol is a saturated fatty alcohol, it is insolivable in water, but is used for it's emollient properties. Emollients is a substance found in most skin,make-up, and hair products for its softening and soothing ablities. 

The word Emollient means to soften. While Moisture means to add moisture to something.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Product Revisited: Suave's Professionals Shea & Almond Conditioner

As you guys know, I have done a product review on this conditioner a while back. Well yesterday I decided on doing a cowashing since my scalp was itching like crazy. I planned on using Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner, but changed my mind, and used Suave Professionals Shea & Almond.

Man, have I been missing out!

First of all, I looove the consistency! It's thick and creamy and easy to apply. (Creamy conditioners can be heavy, but it is great for those with thick hair. I myself do not consider my hair thick, but I have fine natural strands.)I had no problems distributing the conditioner, and it gave my hair so much slip! I could literally run my fingers through my hair without even detangling (of course with the conditioner still in my hair) It also left my scalp feeling clean. Which I liked as well!

I rinsed out, and used Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut, which has bee a staple of mine, to compare. Now I still love my Tropical Coconut, but I did not get nearly as much slip, nor did my hair feel as moisturized, compared to Suave Professionals Shea & Almond.

I also like this conditioner because of the ingredients. It has a lot of natural components, which is great for a product so cheap!

Water (Aqua), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice [Aloe Vera]*, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil [Lemongrass]*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil*, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower/Leaf Extract*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract*, Dimethiconol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Fragrance (Parfum), Dipropylene Glycol, Potassium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Disodium EDTA, TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, PEG-150 Distearate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone

I purchased this conditioner from Walmart for $1.84  USD! You can get the 32 ounce for $2.84 USD.

I even went as far as to use the conditioner as a leave in. I oiled my scalp as usual, coated my hair with conditioner, and sealed with Shea Butter.

I dried my hair in twists, covered in a silk bonnet. My hair feels so soft, and moisturized, and my curls are nice and defined.

I think this conditioner may replace my beloved Naturals Tropical Coconut. Or will be my alternate cowash and leave in, mixed with some other things.

I plan on using the matching Shampoo this week, and will review it as well. I am hoping my hair likes it, since the ingredients are good, as well as the price. My fingers are crossed!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update & New Discovery! Vegetable Oil = Soybean Oil!

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update. I flat ironed my hair a week and some days ago, and finally got around to washing my hair. I was worried because I flat ironed more than once in the week period, and thought I could have some heat damage.

Thank goodness that was not the case. My hair started to curl up right after I Clarified (using VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Kiwi Lime) and cowashed (w/ matching conditioner). I made sure to prepoo before clarifying, so my hair would not feel completely stripped.

I Dced with protein mixing mayonnaise into Organics Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise, I let that sit for about an hour and a half, and used a plastic bag to cover my hair instead of a plastic cap ( I ran out lol).

My hair felt great afterwards, super soft. However to make sure I don't experience any unnecessary shedding, I followed with a moisturizing dc.

Thing is I ran out of my moisturizing dc (Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol) so I made one. I just used one of my cowashing conditioners, Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut, and decided to try using Vegetable Oil. I decided on giving it a try since I am running low on Coconut Oil. 

I left it on for an hour and a half as well. My hair felt really soft, and detangling was a breeze!

For some reason I looked on the back of my (Crisco) Vegetable Oil bottle, and looked under ingredients, and found out Vegetable Oil, is Soybean Oil!

Reading up on Soybean Oil, I've learned that it has many benefits. This oil helps moisturize hair because it contains Omega 3 fats and lipids, that can penetrate the hair shaft, which results in hydrated hair. Soybean Oil also contains proteins, and vitamins, which can help strengthen and nourish your strands as well.

I have not used it as a hot oil treatment, but I have heard it is great for that as well. 

I like this oil! It is light in comparison to Castor Oil, so I may use it as a sealant. My hair seemed to like it.

Anyway, I just had to share my discovery with you all!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today Marks 1st Year Natural!

Well guys, I officially made my one year mark as a natural. Man does time fly, it's also my sweetie's bday so I've been a little busy today, but I just wanted to share my news with you all. I straightened my hair to commemorate today to see how much growth I've obtained in a year.

I actually flat ironed my hair on Wednesday, out of pure excitement to do a length check. I also gave myself a trim, since my ends weren't looking too hot.

Honestly I'm on the verge of heat addiction because I have flat ironed everyday since, so hopefully I will not suffer from heat damage. We'll have to wait and see for that one.

I self big chopped last year.

I would say I was about EL here (after I bc'ed).

A Year Later

Didn't like these pics much, but the show my length! I finally made it to SL!

Anyway I just wanted to share my good news with you all! I'm hoping to make it to APL by June 2012!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deep Conditioning Challenge For Balance!

Hey all! I am conducting a Deep Conditioning Challenge for Balance, on Black Hair Planet, (I encourage you all to join me!) for a three month period. This time around I really want to focus on on balance since I was suffering from single strand knots, and shedding.

To have balance you need to use both moisturizing and protein based deep conditioners. It depends on the person as to how many times they decide to use protein and moisture based dc's. It is healthy to deep condition weekly, and that is what the ladies participating in this challenge and myself will be doing.

The Deep Conditioning Challenge For Balance will Begin Saturday, October 16th, 2010. This Challenge will run until December 16th for a break during the holiday season, since I know how hectic it can be!

In the challenge we have check in dates. It is so we can post about our experience, and any results we've been getting from our weekly deep conditioning. The dates are

Starting Date: October 16th, 2010
November 16th, 2010
December 16th, 2010 (Check Out)
 Everyone has two main deep conditioners that they will use for the challenge (1 protein/1 moisturizing) if you would like to use another dc that is not one of the two of your main conditioners, you can use a pass. You are allowed two passes a month.

Here are the rules

  1. You are required to deep condition for at least once a week!
  2. You can deep condition on wet or dry hair (whatever your preference)
  3. Deep condition with heat for at least 30 minutes
  4. If deep conditioning without heat, leave it in for at least 1-2 hours
  5. You can make any additions to your deep conditioner, just post what you added(Oils, honey, eggs, or any ingredient of your choosing)
  6. Passes are to be used when you do not use one of the two conditioners you listed to be your main conditioners for this challenge
  7. You are allowed 2 passes a month.
  8. Please post when a Pass is used.

You guys are more than welcome to join, or to incorporate weekly deep conditioning as well!

Until Next time, Naomi~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Mother of all Single Strand Knots!

You guys, a couple of days ago I did the unimaginable...I tried to detangle my dry hair! Now if you know anything about healthy hair care, you know that is one of the hugest no-no's. It is because your hair is more susceptible to breakage or splits in it's dry state, as well as knotting!

Single strand knots are caused when a strand of hair rubs against itself and forms a ball at the end of the strand. (Click link for more descriptive definition on how SSK are formed, and how to avoid and fix!)

It had been a while since combing my hair, as I have been putting my hair in a ponytail, and tucking my ends, so I wanted to use my fingers to detangle a little bit. that was a huge mistake, I found myself forming knots my trying to pull my hair apart, and in doing so, I found a THREE strand knot.

It was three separate strands of hair, all connected at the end, so it was strand of hair, then a knot connecting the next strand of hair at the end, then another strand connected by a knot at the end. (I tried taking a picture but the flash on my camera made it so you couldn't see the strand, I didn't think to hold a piece of paper behind it)

I have not gotten down to the bottom of it just yet, but I think I will be stepping up my moisture intake, so we'll see.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Thursday, October 7, 2010

JBCO Is The Truth!

I'm sure you guys have heard me mention that I have been using Tropical Isle brand Lavender JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) for a while now. I mix it with Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, and regular Home Health brand Castor Oil (it is Cold pressed and Cold processed) to stretch it, as JBCO is expensive! (I use an 8 ounce applicator bottle, 4 ounces of JBCO,  and make up the other 4 ounces using regular Castor Oil, and Africa's Best Ultimate Oil) However this stuff is amazing by itself.

I have heard of people experiencing an itchy scalp due to JBCO. If you are experiencing that, I suggest you cutting (mixing) your JBCO with another oil. It will help dilute it. I have not experienced this, I mix my JBCO by choice, and you guys can too if you so chose.

I have been using this oil on my scalp since sometime near the beginning of the year, and the amount of thickness I have obtained, is unreal! I just recently started using it along my hairline, and even my 'baby' hair has grown longer and thicker, thing is, it does not quite look like baby hair anymore, as it too long to lie down, and does not blend in with the rest of my hair (it is a shorter length). I can tell it is indeed 'baby' hair, because the front and sides of my hairline were super thin, and now it's filled in. You can see my side edges in my last post.

I also love the way it smells, I know a lot of people complain about it's smokey scent, but it has really grow on me, the lavender adds a nice touch too. It is good for those who are not too fond of the regular/natural scent of JBCO. I swear it is gold in a bottle! If you do not mind paying the shipping fee, it is definitely worth a try if you are looking to thicken your hair, pr to fill in a bald/thinning area.

From my understanding JBCO can be found on Amazon, (I have not ordered from these places myself, but some ladies from one of the forums I frequent does, and of course from the official site for Tropical Isle Brand JBCO,  I have also heard you can buy it from BSS (Beauty Supply Store(s)), however this is tricky. I think you will have some luck if is a Caribbean/African owned, but that is just my opinion.

There is another brand of JBCO, Sunny Isle Brand, and from what I've seen comes in different colors, and 'flavors', if you will, but I have not used it before, so I cannot give an opinion. I would suggest that you guys do your research before making a decision on which to purchase, of course my vote is for Tropical Isle. Check out forums, other blog/vlog reviews, hair forums, and even youtube. These are the best tools when trying to figure out what products are favored, or are considered the 'best'. Please do keep in mind, that what works for one, may not work for another, so use your judgment.

 Also both brands have branched out from JBCO, and have come out with pomades, shampoo, and other goodies, so you can also check those out on their websites.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news with you all!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cayenne Update Comparison Pics (3rd Edition)

As you guys know, I have been using Cayenne Pepper as a growth aid since the beginning of my my Healthy Hair Journey, (HHJ) February 2009. I also began a two part Cayenne Pepper Challenge on Black Hair Planet. Which ended a couple of months ago, for all the members of the challenge. I am still doing cayenne pepper 'treatments' (as I like to call them) as it is a part of my weekly regimen.

After researching Cayenne Pepper, I learned that, Capsaicin is a compound found in Chilli Peppers, Capsaicin causes a burning/tingling sensation to any tissue it comes in contact with. This burning sensation means the area it is applied to is being stimulated, which means blood flow! The blood flow helps awaken follicles. Cayenne Pepper happens to be in Chilli family, which is what attracted me to using this spice. 

I have Traction Alopecia, and I have had it since I was a child.Unfortunately at the beginning of my HHJ, I didn't think to take pictures of my bald spots, but believe me, there was nothing there. Now I didn't know that Cayenne Pepper would work, but I guess it was worth a try.

I started out with a more 'complex' mix, containing oil, ground cayenne pepper, paprika, and water. I would put my ingredients in a small tupperware bowl. It was not exactly complex, but because I did not measure my ingredients, it was a little tough trying to get the right consistency. As I like it to be a loose paste. I liked it to be thick enough to not drip, but loose enough to spread/apply on my scalp.  I started out using this mix for an half hour, without a cap, 2-3 times a week. I then also use to save my batch, I use to leave it on a shelf, and it would dry out, and to reuse, I'd just add a little water and mix with my finger.

(The mix can also can be refrigerated, if you decide to leave it on a shelf, do not cover, last time I did that, it molded lol)

I now use a much simpler version, just ground cayenne pepper and water. I have a lot less trouble getting the consistency I want, and I feel I am getting better results as the cayenne pepper is alone. I now only use cayenne 1-2 times a week, if I do two treatments I usually will only do 2 hours at a time with a shower/plastic cap, if I only do it once for the week, I will do 4 hours at a time with a shower/plastic cap. I now make a new batch each time I decide to do a treatment, as I feel it is fresher, and all it's potency is in tack. It is not necessary though.

It has been couple of months since my last update, so I figured now would be a good time to show you guys my progress. I cannot tell, but maybe you all can.

 (I'm sure those who are following me are like there she goes with that Cayenne Pepper, but I try to explain a little as to why, and how I use it for those who are new to the blog)

I am going to try to keep posting updates every 2-3 months. I hope for those of you like myself, who have bald spots,loosing/thinning hair, that this gives you the courage to try Cayenne Pepper!

I have been slacking lately with doing my Cayenne Treatments, but I trying to get back on the ball, and have these spots fully filled in by the end of next year.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Natural Hair In The Work Place

I've come to realize that this is subject that is always being debated among naturals,relaxed, and texlaxed sistas alike. After becoming natural, I realized how taboo it is for naturals to rock a fro in the office. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with someone who is natural to color or straighten their hair (every once in a while), but I find that many naturals are uncomfortable wearing their hair as is to an interview or to the office and I understand completely.

I went to an interview not too long ago, and all the staff (from what I could tell), were Caucasian, which did not bother me. My hair gotten a little wild during the day, but I wore my hair in a braid out, with a headband. It still looked neat for the most part. I was interviewed by two people, and from the impressions I received from both, I assumed I had a good chance of getting the position, but for some reason, I feel like how I wore my hair had a lot to do with why I did not get hired. Of course there is no way of knowing this for sure, but that is my take on it, because was more than qualified for the position.

I for one, find it really hurtful, that those from other races, including some naturals/relaxed people feel that natural African American hair is inappropriate in the work place. Of course I know there are people out there who could care less how I chose to grow or wear my hair, and I am most thankful for those people! However, there are those who are not so forgiving. I believe it is that way because African American's have been relaxing our hair for so long, to cater to what society feels is acceptable (of course now it really can be just a preference) it is like people forgot what it looks like naturally. I find that the only way it is, is if  your hair is type 3 and above, and because of this, it has caused a lot of inner hate in the African Comunnity. In my opinion this is where the "Curly/Straight hair is good hair" mentality came from.

Of course I cannot speak for everyone, and I know not all feel this way, and chose to relax just because it is a preference. I think that is perfectly fine, but I do not like that some feel it is the only way, or that African American hair cannot grow if it is not relaxed, among many other silly stereotypes that are out there.

What has also come to my attention is that those with locked/dredlocked hair are not accepted or discriminated against as well, on my home forum, we were discussing an article about a teen in Floria was banned from attending his homecoming because of his locks. They said it went against school policy, however, this so called policy was not actually written, so in other words, it did not exist, although it is commonly enforced. In the article the teen stated "I thought it was acceptable, but from what the principal told me homecoming is of a higher standard and dreads are just not acceptable."

I feel like we were all made and look different for a reason, and by society only accepting straight hair, it makes it so that we all look the same. We were created differently for a reason, but we should all be treated equally. Is that not what we fought so hard for, yet, we are still being discriminated against. My question is, will it ever stop?

Since that is a question that cannot be answered, I feel that at the end of the day, we have to live with the people we chose to be, and the decisions we make at the end of the day, and I say do what makes you happy, or comfortable, you can't live your life for others. Anyway, that is just my opinion on the matter. You guys are more than welcome to tell me your take on the situation, good or bad. I just feel like it is something I needed to bring to light.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

About Last Post

I know I said I'd post pics of my bday hair, however, the thought slipped my mind, and by the time I got home, the rain had already gotten to my hair! So I owe you guys!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Well you guys, 12 am this morning is the beginning of my Birthday! I am feeling nervous and anxious, I've spoken about reaching 20 all my life, and I've finally reached it. It sure does feel weird. I guess it always takes a while for you to 'feel your age'.

I do not have anything special planned but I did treat myself to a rod set. It has been a month since I've last done one, and I want to look pretty on my day. It may look strange though, because I ran out of pink rods, which are the biggest I own, and had to use gray rods for the front. The reason it I say it may look strange is because different sized rods produce different curls, the bigger, the looser the curl, the smaller, the tighter, and so on so forth. Oh and I used Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion, it has been a while since I've used setting lotion, as I had been using Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel for my rod sets, so we'll see. I'll make sure to take pics of the rods, and do before after shots for you all. Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is so irrelevant to hair, but I am an avid fan of Dexter! It is on it's 5th season, and it premeires tonight @ 9 EST on Showtime. It is about a Blood Spatter Analysis and works for the Miami PD, who is also a serial killer, but all his murders are 'justified' as the vitims are usually murderers, rapists, etc. It is my absolute favorite show!

So I want to know how many of you will be watching?

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Heat Appliance Wish List

You guys, I have hit a wall. I am officially bored with my styling options. Having these bald spots have proven to be difficult because I cannot wear updo's or high ponytails. It's growing in well, even though I have been slacking on my cayenne treatments. I plan on doing an intense sitting this Sunday, and I may straighten in preparation for my birthday this Monday.

Or I may do a rod set for my birthday, and straighten for my boyfriends birthday, since he hates that I wear my hair curly all the time. I don't know we'll see how I feel. I kind of want to wait until I get my new flat iron. I do not have the funds now, but I plan on getting the MAXIglide XP straightener, which is a part of my wish list!

This straightener has steam technology, and combs that detangles hair as it is being straightened. This by any means does not mean that you do not have to stretch your hair, by blow drying, or air drying in plaits. It comes in hand for those like myself with ify ends that tend to want to stick together. The picture is the exact set I plan on getting, with retails for $89.95 USD, and $8.23 for Shipping. You can also pay in two sets of payments, $44.97 USD. The protection plan is an extra $13.95 USD, but it lasts for 2 years.

I'm hoping I can get this for Christmas, I will definitely be sure to review it for you guys!

Also on my list of things to get is a blow dryer. I have a drug store blow dryer right now, and it does absolutely nothing for my hair. It a Remington D-3310 All That Speed Ionic Dryer. I am looking to upgrade to a professional dryer. During my relaxed days, I use to go to Dominican Salons for a Blow out, and my hair was always bouncy and really straight, especially at the root. I believe it is due to the professional dryer, and the nozzle attachment, so now I am looking to get something something similar to what they use in the salons, but in an affordable price range, as I am cheap lol.

So as of late I have been looking at Turbo Power MegaPower 3000, but I am not sure about its authenticity, it is not sold on Folica.Com, and I have only seen it on Amazon. However, I have seen someone do a beautiful Dominican Style blow out on her daughter's natural hair on youtube using this brand dryer.(Here is the video)  I was sold on this model because it is recent and cheaper priced than the Twin Turbo or the 4000 model. I am really trying to avoid spending 100 buck on a hair dryer.

Lastly, my interest lies in a hooded dryer. I have been wanting one of these since forever! They are awesome for deep conditioning treatments, add your dc, put on your showercap, and prop yourself under one of these baby's, and your dc time is cut in half, as the heat helps the dc penetrate your scalp easier. So instead of sitting with conditioner on your head for an hour, you can sit under the dryer for a half hour. It's good for those with busy schedules, or simply those who do not like waiting. It is also good for roller or rod sets.

I have been wanting to try magnetic rollers, this is the rollers used in Dominican Salons, that uses the metal duck bill clips to keep in place. These rollers give curls with body. They also can prep hair to be blown out, which is the method used in Dominican salons, at least to the few I have been to. Walgreens has a set of Magnetic rollers in various sizes, that comes with metal clips, and a comb for styling, or applying the hair to the roller. It is Conair brand, and is on sale for $11.24 USD right now.

These rollers cannot be used on dry hair, you can simply just apply wet/damp hair or use setting lotion. I like setting lotion because it gives my curls hold.

Anyway, back to the subject, I get side tracked easily lol.

I have not picked out a dryer as of yet, I am either going with a Gold N' Hot brand or Conair. Again, I want something that is inexpensive because I will mostly using it for dcing and the occasional roller set. Though I do not want it to be too inexpensive because I want something of quality, I'm hoping 50 bucks or less would do it.

I would love to purchase my toys (heat appliances) in bulk, as soon as I get all my other priorities settled, so I'm hoping I will be able to treat myself this Christmas. You guys will be the first folks I tell, and I'll be sure to review all my goodies!

As you can see, since these are things that will cost a pretty penny, no matter what appliances you are buying, because quality is key,  you want to do your research and make sure these appliances will fit your hair, and it's needs, and also what is in your price range, so again I encourage you to do your research ladies (and gentlemen)! I know I hate to waste money, and I would hate for you to do the same!

It will be a while until I am ready to purchase my toys, so I am open to suggestions guys, if you have any good heat appliances that you can't stop raving about, comment and share!

Until Next Time, Naomi

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Believe It Is......Shedding!

I know I promised you all an update about whether I have breakage or not, and I finally got around to it yesterday, I cowashed, which I am most thankful for, because my hair was super stiff with gel, I'm heavy handed with products lol. I was running out of both my HE Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner, as well as my VO5 Free Me Freesia, so I decided to mix them to cowash. Which made my hair feel super soft, but I cowashed again just to make sure my hair was free of product.

Detangling was pretty easy, but hair came out, but it look to be the usual amount. I managed to catch most of it.

The strands did not have a white bulb, which usually is the tell tale sign of shedding, because that means it came directly from the root, however, it seemed to be the length of my hair, so I do not believe it is breakage, I guess we'll see as time goes on.

I was in a rush, so I did not have time to do my overnight low manipulation styling as usual, so I opted for a Wash N' Go. I did not dry my hair, I oiled my scalp with my usual oil mixture (JBCO, ABUHO) in my applicator bottle, and then used what was left of the same conditioners I use to cowash with as my leave in. I was prepared to use gel, but I was satisfied with the curl definition I got from using the conditioners alone. Her is how it came out...

My hair was still damp with product, but it essentially looked the same when it dried fully. We'll that is the update!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loose Strands of Hair

Thursday I went through my usual wash day regimen. I prepooed with HE Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner, mixed with Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil for close to two hours. I did my cayenne treatment along with prepooing to save time.

Washing out was horrible! Lol, I got pepper all in my eyes, now don't get my wrong, I usually wash my hair in the sink, so I don't have to worry about that happening, but my sink was full of dishes, and I didn't want to have to wash them, so I did it in the shower, which was huge mistake! My eyes were burning for a hot minute! lol Of course it goes away after a while.

Anyway so half blind, I washed my hair with my clarifying shampoo, VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Kiwi Lime. I haven't clarified in a while so I figured it was time that I did, although my scalp didn't really feel dirty. I then did my Protein Treatment, again, because I have not done one in a while. I used Africa's Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise, I added a bit more mayonnaise to it, and a little Castor Oil (Home Health Brand).

I dced for about two hours with a plastic bag on my head, since I'm out of shower caps, however, I think I am starting to like plastic bags better, no leakage.

My hair felt strong, but still had a little softness to it, I detangled with my wide tooth comb, and cowashed, using VO5 Herbal Escapes Free Me Freesia.

I did not feel like doing a low manipulation style so I decided to slick my hair in a pony using my Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel. Before hand, I oiled my scalp with my oil mixture of Lavender JBCO and Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, and then spraying my hair with my Super Moisturizing 'Homemade' Coconut Leave In.

Thing is, after towel drying my hair, and putting my hands in it, strands came out, it didn't seem like breakage, but it just came out, but since my hair is in a pony, I won't be able to tell until my next cowash, which I'll probably do tomorrow. I'm thinking it could just be part of my Hair Life Cycle.

I learned that everyone's hair follicles has a life cycle, and it has three phases.

Anagen- Which is the Growth Phase.
Catagen- Which is the Transitional Phase.
Telogen- Which is the Resting Phase.

The Anagen (growth) phase is when the hair is growing, and is producing new hair. A hair follicle's life span can range between 2-7 years, sometimes less depending on genetics. Hair can grow half an inch to an inch a month, again, depending on genetics.

The Catagen (transitional) phase comes directly after the Anagen phase, during this phase, the scalps stops being active, and forms club hairs. Club hair if formed when then end of the original strand of hair attaches itself to the hair shaft, and cuts itself off from blood supply, and ultimately the cells that produce new hair. This phase lasts 2-3 weeks.

Then begins the The Telogen (resting)  Phase, this is when club hairs are fully formed to the hair follicle, which means the original strand of hair is now dead. Which is when the shedding begins. A person can shed 50-100 club hairs a day from a normal scalp. This phase usually last 3 months, for those who have a 'normal' scalp.

All hair follicles go through these phases, so yes, that means eyebrows, arm (pit), leg, and even that secret place lol.

I'm hoping that my hair is just in the Telogen Phase, and not just breaking off. We'll see. Wish me luck!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hair Length Chart & Hair Forum Terminology/Abbreviations

When I first started my Healthy Hair Journey (HHJ), I had no clue what the hair length terminology was, but I found these charts that tells you where one length begins, and ends, and the abbreviations for it, which I think is important to know if you are or plan to be on any hair blogs or forums.So here are a couple of charts I use to judge my length, which makes it easier, since some people, like myself, do not measure by inches.

Some other Termonology that may be used on Forums, I found them really confusing when I just started out, so I thought I'd compile some of the common ones.

ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar

BC- Big Chop

BHP- Black Hair Planet (Forum)

BHM- Black Hair Media (Forum)

BSS- Beauty Supply Store

BUMP(ING)-  You write this in a thread you create, or when you want to  push (bump) a/your topic to the top so it can stay active, and be visible to other posters to see, or get a response

CO- Castor Oil or Coconut Oil

CON- Cream of Nature

CONES- Silicones

DB- Dear Boyfriend

DD- Dear Daughter
DG- Dear Girlfriend

DH- Dear Husband

DS- Dear Son

DF- Dear Fiance/Fiancee (basically if there is a D before  letters B,D,G, and F, it means dear lol)

DIY- Do It Yourself

DUSTING- It is when you trim a such a tiny amount, it falls/resembles dust

EVCO- Extra Virgin Castor Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

HE- Herbal Essense

HHG- Happy Hair Growing

HHJ- Healthy Hair Journey

HTH- Hope That Helps

ITA- I Totally Agree

IMO/JMO- In/ Just My Opinion

JBCO- Jamaican Black Castor Oil

NG- New Growth

PJ- Product Junkie (someone who buys/owns more hair products that they 'need')

SO- Significant Other

S& D- Search and Destroy, it is when you 'search' and cut/trim split ends

TIA- Thanks In Advance

TWA- Teeny Weeny Afro

WGO- Wild Growth Oil

Okay, that is all the abbreviations I can think of for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! HTH!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Stretched Strand Length Check

Okay, so I am not the best when it comes to length Checks, but I was going through one of my old hair albums and came across old length check pics. So I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to compare the two to see how much length I have gained. Flat ironing hair is the correct method, as you can see the length of your hair all around, opposed to a strand length check, however it is not convenient, at least for someone like me who does not flat iron all the time.

My birthday is coming up on the  27th so I may flat iron for then, and I can do a true length check.I tried to stretch the same strand shown in my previous pics.

I think the first pics were taken 03/15/2010, and the second pics were taken today, 09/15/2010. So that is a 6 months difference, eh, not sure if that's a tremendous amount of growth, but I'll take it. Hopefully the next 6 months I'll be closing in on APL (Arm Pit Length)

All I can do is keep up with my regimen, and tweak it to my needs...anyway, just thought I'd share.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dry Rod Set on Semi Straigth Natural Hair

You guys must realize by now, that I love, love, love, rod sets! It is my favorite staple. Anyway, as most of you guys know who have been follow, I straightened my hair a few weeks back. I believe I left it that way for a week and a half or two weeks. Within that time I of course did a rod set, but since my hair was still semi straight, and I say semi, because my roots were starting to revert, but none the less, I installed my trusty gray rods, and left them overnight with a satin bonnet. I adore this style because of the poofy texture, my hair has lots of volume! I made sure to take pictures for you guys!

Hope you guys like it! As you can see rod sets can look get on natural, or straightened hair, and I love to wear it on both.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Use Shea Butter In your DC!

I purchased pure unrefined Shea Butter not too long ago, and to be honest I have not found much use for it, in terms of hair, I know it is a great sealant, but I don't really need it for that right now, so I thought, why not add it to my preoo, but using it in a dc, on clean hair, not a good idea!

 I  know the title is a bit harsh, but guys, I had the worst experience last night!

For my prepoo I used Melted Shea Butter, Castor Oil, a little Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, mixed with Herbal Essence Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner- which reeks of Alcohol, I'm not sure if I didn't notice it before, but It is definitely noticeable, which I do not like, will be using out, and not repurchasing, anyway that was not my problem.

It came out nice after shampooing, and since it worked so well in my prepoo, I said, why not add some to you DC. Boy was I wrong. I added all the same ingredients excluding the Hydralicious, and mixed it with my Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol, applied and put on a shower cap.

I would say I left it on for close  2 hours, and I went to rinse. Now here is where my problem lies, I rinsed with water, and used my wide tooth comb to detangle, like always, and I put my towel on my head and head to the bathroom- I wash my hair in the kitchen sink, and my hair was coated! It was thick and slick feeling, I could use my nail to scrape the Shea butter off my strands of hair!

I immediately went to cowash, I used my VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Conditioner Kiwi Lime, and my hair went back to normal.

I don't know if I added too much , or it was the combination of Shea and Castor Oil, but my hair did not like it, at least not if I'm not going to wash it out.

So for those of you out there who are Do It Yourself-ers, or 'Chemists' as I like to call myself, be careful of the ingredients you add, and what you add them to, I did not get any adverse results, just slick hair, but I sure didn't like it. However, I did like it in my prepoo! Shea Butter is a sealant too, so that could be why my hair felt coated.

Just wanted to share my experience with you all! Happy Product Mixing!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair- Back To School Edition

As you all know, school is back, some of you may have started school already, or starting this week, but that means busy schedules!

If you already have a regimen that works for you, great, if not, it is great time to form one, since you will have limited time to spend pampering your hair. So here are my suggestions for styling and a simplified regimen for you busy ladies & gents.

Shingling- Takes more time than wash n go's , but is similar in that it does give you defined curls. This method you can use a diffuser or a dryer to dry the curls to have it set.

Rod/Roller Sets- My favorite, depending on the size you can get tighter or looser curls, and can last for a week.

Two Strand Twists- A great style because it is two in one, it takes some time to install depending your hair density and length, but it is worth it, because this style can lasts for weeks with proper upkeep. The second style from these twist, is the twist out! Which can also last a week,with the proper care, or retwisting at night

Flat Twists- Like two strands, can lasts weeks if cared for properly. You can also do the twist out style.

Bantu Knot/Twist/Braid Outs- Are styles that can be installed overnight, and can last up to a week, and can be worn in different ways. Bantu Knots gives you curls, twists gives more of a wavy curl, and braid/plaits give you more of a crimped look.

There are also quick styling options like

Puffs- Forever simple, all it takes is a headband, and maybe a leave in for shine and moisture, and you are set for the day.

Wash n Go's- Are a life saver if you are looking for defined curls, but are in a rush, because this style can be worn damp and dries during the day. To achieve this style you can use Kinky Curly Curling Custard, or use a cheaper alternative, Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel, which is what I use. It does not flake, but I recommend using an oil or conditioner on the hair before applying.

Ponytails & Buns... which goes under the category of protective styling, as your ends are not brushing up against anything and are protected.

 There are other protective styling options such as Individual/Box Braids, Kinky/Spring/Senegalese Twists, and Cornrows. With these I would pay careful attention to how it is installed, if not done by yourself, as if it is two tight, it can cause more damage than good. However, it is a good option because it eliminates most of things done in a weekly regimen, like cowashing every other day, etc.

As for a regimen, I say get it Simple

Wash Weekly or at least Every 2 weeks-as product can build up on the scalp, clarify once a month to get rid of product that is left over in deposits

Cowash according to your styling Schedule- For instance, if you do a style and it lasts 3 days, cowash on the last day, or on the day you intend on restyling.

 Deep Condition weekly- If you are short on time, investing in a hooded dryer may be a better option, as the time is cut in half because the heat is helping the conditioner penetrate the scalp faster so instead of an hour without heat, you can do an half hour with heat. You can always heat up the conditioner, or just put on plastic bag/shower cap, and leave it in for an hour or two if you are not pressed for time.

Anyway, I hope those tips help you curly/kinky ladies and gents out there!

Until Next Time, Naomi ~

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