Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey all,

I have got nothing to report hair wise, I have just been bunning, and doing other simple styles, following my regimen, but today I got a surprise!

I got a Secret Santa gift! On BHP, for the first time, we did Secret Santa, and everyone was given a pal to send a gift to. We all wrote a list of things we wanted, and the secret santa could pick from the list and send the gift. I received mine today.

One of my gifts I am super excited to try is, Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer. It can be used as a leave in, and heat protectant. I will not be trying this until these braids come out, but it has been something I have been wanting to try since forever. (Thanks again!)

There are a couple of other items I received in my gift box, that I have never tried before. So I will be reviewing those, along with the Aphogee Keratin.

I am hoping I can start doing give away's next year, and do a Christmas/Holiday gift basket. So we will see what the new year brings!



  1. Hi, I actually have the Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea product and you will be happy, I've been using it for close to 2 months and I use it after my relaxer and everytime I wash my hair. I even wrote to Aphogee asking what is the best way to use their products and they told me I could even spray the Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea on my dry hair every now and then to help prevent breakage. Hope this helps but I see your hair is natural but I'm sure it give the same results as far as strength and lessing breakage...=)

  2. Thanks for the tips, TLC. Will keep it in mind. I'll be doing a review in the future, I hope I like it, especially since it is a heat protectant as well.


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