Monday, December 6, 2010

Drying Yarn Braids

After washing my Yarn Braids yesterday, it took about 12 hours for them to dry fully. I washed them at noon yesterday and they were done drying around midnight.

So for those of you who have yarn braids, or are looking to get them, they do take quite some time to dry!I would definitely set a wash day on a day when you have no other plans. I

had to ring my braids out multiple times to get water, as the yarn was trying to retain the moisture, which is a good thing, but not to the point where they're heavy and full of water. Even after doing that they stayed damp throughout the day.

I am sure the length and amount of yarn you used has something to do with the drying time as well.

Just wanted to give you all an update!



  1. Why can't you blow dry yarn braids?

    1. I don't see why you couldn't, but because it is fabric, it absorbs a TON, and I do mean TON of water. No amount of squeezing is going to get it all out, and I can imagine that even with blow drying, they will not dry fully. You can always try anyway. Let me know how it worked for you!HHG!



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