Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday MJ!

Hey All!

Today was the King of Pop Birthday. He would have be 53 years old. They always say the good die young, either way, we should be celebrating his life instead of his death, As well as all the wonderful music he's given us over the past decades. I will be jamming to his stuff for the rest of today!

Happy Birthday Michael!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Styling Braided Hair-#2 (Cleopatra)

Hey All!

Today I got bored and started messing around with my hair, and ended up twisting it. I thought it was kinda cute, and actual wearable.

It reminds me a lot of that girl group Cleopatra from back in the day. Lol.

I am still very much enjoying the length, but I do miss my regimen. Anyway, I just wanted to share.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stay Safe!

Hey All!

I know most if not all of you have heard about Hurricane Irene, that is about to hit the East Coast, Nothing much has happened where I am, but back home in NY the shut down the metro system (MTA) and buses, so it has to be serious, because NY never shuts down!

I hope everyone has got the supplies they need, I went to the supermarket, and you would have thought it was Thanksgiving by how packed that place was!

So to all my East Coast Kinky's and Kinky's at heart, stay safe!

 (Oh, and for those interested, I possibly will be posting another style later today. So look out!)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Styling Braided Hair- Style #1

Hey All!

I am about to get on a countdown for when I can finally take these things out! Though for now, while my hair is all luxuriously long (lol) I figure I would post some of my favorite, or more so, everyday styles I have been doing with them.

I still have my spots, so I cannot do high styles really because I have to keep them hidden, which still sucks, but I hoping to clear that problem soon. Will be getting on my Hairfinity, Potion, JBCO, and allofthat (yes one word! lol) once these braids are out, because I am too tired of being inhibited. I am ready to experiment!

I call this one, a side parted, chignon bun. It is easy peasy.

Just create a side part by putting more braids on one side of the head than the other, collect it all in the back like your doing a pony tail.  Twist it around, and then wrap the hair around itself, secure with hair band if necessary, and voila!

Will be posting another style tomorrow, so look out for it!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rebraiding Waist Length Individuals/Box Braids/ Update

Hey All!

I have been missing you guys! I know it has been a minute since I have given you all an update. I still have the braids, in fact I rebraided them.

After about the 3 week mark, my new growth really started to come through. Though new growth is a great thing, I hate seeing it when I have braids. It looks so, unkempt. I knew I wanted to keep them for 2 months so I decided to rebraid so they will look decent for the latter portion of my time with them. I have already made my halfway point with them.

At first I only planned on doing my hairline, and the few braids that are at the middle part. Come to find out, I am super paranoid, and thought that you would be able to tell I have new growth still, so I decided to do my whole head. I did it at my own leisure, probably over the course of a week and a half (lol). It really went quicker this time though, if I did it straight through I am sure it only would have been a matter of a couple of days.

My only complaint, or gripe if you will, is that my braids are much thinner. While rebraiding the hair would form tangles and knots, and it would thin out the hair from the original strand or braid. I am really missing the thickness of my braids. What I am happy about is I somehow learned how to braid tighter, like there was some actual tension after I put a braid in.

It could be that I had acrylic nails on at the time when I put my first set in. Who knows? Either way, I am glad I am finished! I will not be doing it again, if I get more new growth, oh well.

 Here's how my hair came out.

I have yet to wash my hair, I am hoping to get my hands on Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo. I hear it works well for those with braids, and I think it will be better than saturating my hair or using actual shampoo, in the past I have experienced a lot of build up trying it that way. Should I use it, I will be doing a review.

I have also heard of people using an applicator bottle, and diluting  a shampoo of their choice, most likely the clarifying kind, with water and applying it directly to the scalp.

As for oiling my scalp, I have rarely done that. I originally brought Ginseng Miracle Wonder 8 Oil, but I have not because for one, I was home (NYC) for 3 weeks, and left it home, and two, I am terrified of build up. I have used it on my skin though, and I love it. Once I get my scalp clean I will get back to using it on my scalp. I will be doing a review on that as well.

I plan on taking my braids out anywhere between the 12th-21st of September. Pretty much on one of those weekends, before my birthday, which is the 27th of September.

I want to straighten my hair then, but I think that would be too much stress for it, so I think I will roller set it, and save flat ironing for my 2 year natural anniversary on the 16th of October.

Just wanted to give you all an update, and let you guys know that y'all were missed! I promise I will be posting a lot more often when these braids are out!


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