Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Styling Braided Hair- Style #1

Hey All!

I am about to get on a countdown for when I can finally take these things out! Though for now, while my hair is all luxuriously long (lol) I figure I would post some of my favorite, or more so, everyday styles I have been doing with them.

I still have my spots, so I cannot do high styles really because I have to keep them hidden, which still sucks, but I hoping to clear that problem soon. Will be getting on my Hairfinity, Potion, JBCO, and allofthat (yes one word! lol) once these braids are out, because I am too tired of being inhibited. I am ready to experiment!

I call this one, a side parted, chignon bun. It is easy peasy.

Just create a side part by putting more braids on one side of the head than the other, collect it all in the back like your doing a pony tail.  Twist it around, and then wrap the hair around itself, secure with hair band if necessary, and voila!

Will be posting another style tomorrow, so look out for it!


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