Monday, July 26, 2010

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Regular Castor Oil

I have using both Tropical Isle brand Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and Home Health Castor Oil, religiously. I'd have to say that both of them have contributed a lot to thickening my hair, as well as growth.

I started off using Home Health Brand Castor oil, but then became interested in using Jamaican Black Castor Oil, because of all the good results people ere having with it. 

The differences between the two are physical, again, they both help with thickening, and growth, however, it seems many, including myself have experienced a little more growth with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, but I would say it is due to regular Castor Oil having a thicker consistency. It's thicker consistency, means that it takes longer for it to absorb into the scalp. It is also easier to apply.

Another thing that makes them differ, is Jamaican Black Castor Oil is less processed, making it more 'pure', which means that it has more potency than regular Castor Oil.

It is pricier than regular Castor Oil, and from what I have seen, it is not sold in stores. You can find JBCO on Jamaican Black Castor Oil

A 4oz. of Jamaican Black Castor Oil can run you $5.29 USD, the 8oz can run you $9.99, not including shipping. They also have one that is scented with Lavender. I use this kind, it still has the smokey scent the original does,but you can also smell the lavender, I use this kind.

The Lavender is a bit pricier, the 4oz is $6.99 USD, and the 8oz is $11.99. I have yet to order from the Sams website myself, as I have used my BHP credits to purchase from the forum store! It is a great forum, there are raffles for holidays, and you can earn credits daily just by posting, and logging in daily.

Since JBCO is a bit pricey, I mix it with regular Castor Oil. They both work wonderfully! It also insures I do not use a whole bottle, that way it lasts me longer.

If you are on a tight budget, but still want to thicken your hair, I would suggest using regular Castor Oil. It's the economical choice, as it is sold in stores like GNC, and Vitamin Shoppe, you can even use the kind they sell in Wal Mart or drug stores. Whereas Jamaican Black Castor Oil can only be ordered online (as far as I know).

They both work, it is just a matter of preference.

Until Next Time, Naomi~


  1. You know you can buy unrefined castor oil at health food stores?

  2. I believe that Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the closest thing to being unrefined, as it is the least processed of the two, but it is harder to find.

    You may be able to find it in a West Indian Market, or through Amazon. You also can purchase from the website.

    I think both Castor Oil and JBCO work in thickening, so I would not stress that too much. HTH

  3. thanks so much for the post! Great information.
    i was wondering what the difference was.
    i live in to try find it somewhere.

  4. Glad I could help! I use both to be honest. I like JBCO more for my scalp, and regular Castor Oil, for adding into my deep conditioners, and mixing with other oils, because JBCO is expensive!

  5. I love Jamaican Black Castor oil on my hair!!! This is a great post. I'm currently doing a challenge I might add castor oil to my regimen more.

  6. Jamaican Castor oil is heated, which changes the chemical components of it. Home Health Caster Oil is cold pressed. It is actually less processed...because it is not heated it isn't broken down as much...

  7. True but it is made to be clear, which means something in their process is stripping the castor oil of it's natural coloring. It's the difference between bleached and unbleached flour.

  8. I am so glad I was doing research on Lavender JBCO & clicked on the link that led to this post! I had no idea that BHP offered all those benefits. I was doing research on Wheat Germ Oil & that's how I learned about their forum. I was at Walmart yesterday & did not see any JBCO & the Salesperson acted like that was a foreign object when I asked about it. So I will check out the forum to see about ordering some. I read that the brand with no salt is the best one


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