Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hey All!

I know it has been a minute since my last post, but this is my first time logging into a computer for a while being that I have been in my hometown (NYC). My braids are holding up, though I do have some slippage from when I went to the pool, but otherwise the look fine. (I will post pics of roots/new growth later if I remember)

Believe it or not I am Trend Setting over here! I have received many compliments, especially after I tell them that I did them by myself (pats herself on the back lol).

I am hoping that I can at least keep them in until Labor day, but we shall see.

Just wanted to fill you guys in, and say hey. I miss you all!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thanks BHP

Hey All!

As you guys know, I am part of many hair forums, but the very first I joined, which I call my "home forum" is Black Hair Planet. I joined before I was even interested in hair care or starting a HHJ.

The ladies (and gentleman) there have been nothing but wonderful to me, I swear they are family!

Getting along to the point, another great aspect of being a member of BHP, besides the people, and advice, is the raffles!

Around holidays, there tends to be raffles that members can participate in. No real money is used, only the credits you earn through posting in threads. (Posting also helps you gain status, since I have been posting since for ever I have reached the highest I can go, is Senior Diva, which I am sure they are working on as we speak!)

You enter the raffle, and those holding winning tickets get the prize. The prizes are awesome. It can be Hairfinity Vitamins, JBCO, Shea Butter, Gift Certificates, etc.

The raffle before last- The 4th of July raffle, I actually won items.

I won Hairfinity Vitamins (30 day supply), and a 4oz Tropical Isle Coconut JBCO, so I am more than pleased.

So this is a thanks to Admin & Dena! You guys are amazing!


New Style: Waist Length Individual/Box Braids

Hey All!

I know I have not posted in a bit, but I was busy doing these waist length braids I have been wanting to do. My long term goal is WL so I figured dealing with braids this long would be good practice!

Originally I was going for the "Poetic Justice" braids- Janet Jackson wore them in the movie, but mine came out much much thinner.

It took forever- I braided my hair on and off from this past Saturday, until 4am this morning. I used a billion packs of hair. 4-5 some got tangled, so it is hard to say the exact amount used. The type of hair I used is Kanekalon (Kanekalon is a synthetic flame retardant hair- will not burn, so it you can heat style it. ie curling iron) , and the brand I used is Outre, color 1B. Now this braid of hair is super wispy. Too wispy in fact.

It was also was a bit rough, so I did a few cuts handling this hair. It also tangles a lot, it could be the way I handled the hair, but I found it to be very tangly. I paid $1.99 at a local BSS (Beauty Supply Store).

I did not prep it really, just used it straight out of the package.

To prep my hair I did a protein treatment of Egg, Mayonnaise, mixed with Olive & Coconut Oils. I left the mixture in for about an hour without direct heat, with a shower cap. I meant to follow up with Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioner for moisture, but time got away from me, so I just let my VO5 Moisturizing Milks Strawberries & Cream Conditioner in the shower for a half hour or so.

After that all I did was run some Shealoe through my hair, and called it a night. I started braiding Friday, but did not start for real until Saturday. I went out that day and had a great time out with DH at the Caribbean Festival, then came back home to start up again.

By far this has been the longest amount of time it has taken me to finish braids, but then again these braids are by far the longest I have ever had. I wish I had time frame, but I am pretty sure it took more than 10 hours.

When finished I had to boil some water in a pot, and dip my ends in a few times, take them out carefully, cradling with towel, squeezing them, and re-dipping, until I got the desired results- straight ends.

Oh and I encountered a few tangles, and I had to cut a strand of hair out. Yes, I cried, but I am glad I did not give up, I am super happy with the results.

Here is where I started from...

 More than halfway through...

Finished product!

I love them! Since they are so long, I do not see myself shampooing, or doing it very often, so I will have to invest in a dry shampoo. I plan on keeping these braids in until labor day, if I can help it.

I made a last minute purchase for something to use on my scalp for the duration I will have braids, it is Ginseng Miracle Wonder 8 Oil.

It is mostly natural and it smells pleasant, best of all I do not have an allergic reaction to it. I will use it for a while before giving a true review on it.

I am deciding on whether I should start using my Hairfinity (A Vitamin mixture that helps promote faster growth) or not, I want growth, but not too much, because I do not see myself retouching my roots.

Anyway, this is what I have been up to as of late. Hope you guys like the braids, or at least it encourages you all to try braiding or twisting your hair at home!


Monday, July 4, 2011

1 Month Hairdrenaline/Potion Update

Hey All!

So I have been using the "Potion" for exactly a month now, and it has been a god send! My hair has thickened up as well as gained a significant amount of growth! I  measured from close to the nape of my head.

So that is going from

Left side
9 1/2 inches-to 11 inches.

Right side
10 inches- close to 12 inches. (A teensy bit over 11 1/2)

Which is amazing results considering I usually grow only a half inch a month. (Which is considered to be average growth)

I have been trying to keep up with my minimum of using the potion 3 times a week, at least two of those times being overnight. Using the GHE method.

(Green House Effect is a natural heating effect caused by using a plastic cap/saran wrap/ or even a plastic bag, and covering that with a bonnet or a scarf. It helps oils penetrate better, and also with moisture.)

Here are the comparison pics

Week 2
1 Month

I did not fill in my spots nor reach my goal of APL by the end of June, but in both cases, my hair is progressing!

Though I am loving the results, I may have to take a hiatus from using the "Potion" for a month or so, because I plan on braiding my hair this weekend coming. I have yet to decide on a style yet, but when I do I will be sharing, and doing a how to, sine I plan on doing them myself.

I hope my results are enough to encourage you all to try using the potion for yourself, whether you are looking for thickness or growth!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

1 More Day

Hey All!

I know I was suppose to do my weekly update yesterday (Saturday) but then I remembered that tomorrow will make my 1 month mark, since using the "Potion". I have been extremely satisfied with my results thus far, and I promise that I will share them....tomorrow. So please bear with me! I will be posting comparison pictures and measurements.


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