About Me

I decided to go natural at the age of 18, because between relaxing every 4 weeks, yes, I said 4 weeks, and using heat on a daily basis, my hair was broken, shedding, and fried! I never liked the look of natural hair to be quite honest, but I felt it would be best for my hair, if I just left it alone.

But in doing so, I was very lost, relaxers were all I have ever known, as my first relaxer was when I was 11, and that was the age I started to "do" my own hair. So I looked for a place where I could get help in learning about treatments, and just caring for hair at home, as I solely depended on getting my hair done at the salon every two weeks. Even then my hair endured a lot of heat because of the kind of hand held hair dryers they use in Dominican Salons, to get the hair and roots as straight as possible.

I found my hair care home, and from there my hair flourished. I learned styles I never knew existed, how to wash and deep condition my hair, I even found something that served as a hair restorer (Cayenne Pepper) through research, and my bald spots are even growing!

So I decided to make this blog to document my growth, and share my newly learned methods, product discoveries, styles, methods, and thoughts with you all, and I hope to help those who are looking for advice, or even those who just would like support.

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