Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Belated to Me!

Hey All!

My birthday just passed on the 27th, and though I am still a baby, (21) I feel old. Especially being that I am officially legal.

Perhaps it is just the pressure I am feeling to get my life in order. Either way, Happy Belated to me! lol

Monday, September 26, 2011

Natural Hair Self-Esteem

Hey All.

Today I rocked a fro, with a headband. A semi-stretched fro so it was almost at its potential froliciousness (yes I made that word up lol) and I caught quite a few stares.

Fortunately I have gotten to a point of security with my hair, so getting stares does not bother me. However, when I was transitioning, and my first year of being natural, I was really self conscious. I was always wondering who was looking at me, or if it was looking "too nappy" so I always did styles that produced a defined curl pattern; Bantu Knot Outs, Braid/Twist outs, Rod sets, etc.

Then out of the blue one day I just grew a tough skin, and said to myself, "this is my hair, it's okay if others do not like it, because it is not theirs!"

The thought came to mind because when visiting a friend, her boyfriend asked me if I did my hair today, and also that I looked like I got electrocuted. A year ago, those words would have been so discouraging, but now I can genuinely laugh at it, and let the comment roll off my back.

What I also found interesting is that people 4 (a,b,c) hair are those who suffer from texture insecurity. 3's do too apparently! My sister has 3b/c hair who has been natural, but goes to Dominican Salon's religiously suffers from texture insecurity too. Which is ironic, because I use to envy her hair.

I believe that this is due to media in America still trying to live up to European standards of beauty. Straight, or type 2 hair, along with other standards such as skin tone, hair length, etc. It all contributes to how we view ourselves.

This just shows me that we may never be totally satisfied with what we have, but we need to learn to love and work with what we got! Rock that texture with confidence, let those comments fall by the wayside, and do you!

I am interested to hear you guys struggles, or triumphs when it comes to rocking your natural texture, so share! I also hope that this helps encourage those struggling with the decision to go natural, or staying natural.

Just wanted to share.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Combing= Knots

Hey All!

Life has been pretty hectic this past week; so ever since I flat ironed my hair, I have been bunning it.

Thing is, I have not been oiling my scalp, or combing my hair. I have only been taking my Hairfinity pills. Really lazy I know. So pretty much what I have been doing is simply just taking it out of the hair band, gathering my hair, and putting it right back into a bun.

So I have been doing my usual ritual (as of late), of no combing bunning, and for some reason in between that I try to run my fingers through my hair. My hair is straight so I figure I could do that, but I found this matted up, knot in my hair.

I cannot express to you all the look of horror that engulfed my face.  I did not even know it to be possible for straight hair to get knotty. To think I thought by keeping it straight I was avoiding them. So much for laziness.

I wish I had taken a picture. I got rid of it the wrong way; by ripping it out (gently) instead of cutting it out, but then again I have rarely been the one to follow my own advice.

So for you guys out there, I will tell you with my Mother has told me "Do as I say, not as I do" totally hypocritical I know (lol) but trust me if you want healthy hair it is best to do things the right way.

So please Ladies & Gentlemen, be a dear and comb that hair.

Just wanted to give you a brief going's on in the hair department.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

That's it, I'm claiming it!

Hey All!

I am not sure if you guys know, but my ultimate goal is to grow my hair out to WL stretched, so that would be MBL-ish unstretched. My short term goal for this year was to make it to APL by June of this year, but unfortunately I did not meet my goal. Hey, it happens. I continued on with my regimen, I do not let things like not meeting goals discourage me, it makes me want to try even harder!

I think I got a lot of growth from my hair being in braids during the summer, since it is a protective style, even with me not washing my hair. Which is something I totally do NOT advice. Don't believe that myth about hair growing on a dirty scalp. It does not, a clean scalp is best environment for growth.

I am part of a challenge; The Six Inches Challenge for 2011 over on BHP, and still my goal was to reach APL. We recently had another check in to do. So my growth comparison was from when I flat ironed my hair back in April.

Well I flat ironed my hair with my MAXIglide Xpress a couple of days ago.I did not blow dry before hand. My hair was in a Bantu Knot Out from the day before, and I really got the urge and I had an important interview to go on, and it worked out because of the check in. I did make sure to moisturize with my Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructerizer, and sprayed my Beyond the Zone heat protectant on each section before flat ironing.  Here is what my progress looks like.


Judging by the picture I think I made APL. So I really retained a lot of growth since then. My head is a teensy tilted, but even if it was not, I would be APL because I am a little over the armpit mark. I am ecstatic! I think Hairfinity has something to do with it. :)

Oh I am layered by the way, it is how my hair grows. Not everyone likes, wants, or has a blunt hair cut, and just because you do not have one does not take away from your length. I pay no attention to "Full" length titles, (Full SL, Full, APL, etc.) because I feel it limits you to having your hair look a certain way. It's like those who's hair grows in a V shape, or U shape. I actually like the V look and I think my hair has a natural V shape.

Getting to this length means a lot to me because I have not had hair this long since I was a kid (before relaxers), and I thought I would never get my hair to grow past CL for the longest time. With BHP and other forums for advice, tips, and learning new methods, along with educated myself on hair, and proper hair care, my hair is the healthiest it's been in years.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news with you guys! Now I'm on to my next short term goal; BSL. I will aim for June of 2012. We shall see!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hairfinity (Hair Growth Supplement)

Hey All!

Do you guys remember the post I wrote a while back about the gifts I won from Black Hair Planet, through a raffle?  Well I started taking the Hairfinity Vitamins yesterday. (09/09/11)

For those who are not familiar as to what Hairfinity is, it is a vitamin supplement that is intended to help promote hair growth. It does this by "speeding up" the anagen (growth) phase.

I do not know many people who have used it, but reading up their FAQ's I read that most people who have used Hairfinity experience 3/4-1 inch of growth in a month.

(For more info on growth using Hairfinity, here's there official website

I have the 30 day supply, which is perfect for me, because I am an inch or so off from my goal of APL. I am hoping I will make it for my 2 year natural anniversary but we shall see!

To get Hairfinity you have to order it from their official website, the 30 day supply that I have goes for $24.00 USD.

They are sold in terms of series of month supply.

2 Months goes for $42.00 USD
4 Months goes for $84.00 USD
6 Months goes for $126.00 USD

They also have a year supply that goes for $250.00 USD.

All prices excludes shipping fees.

I am really thankful to BHP (the beauty of being a member!) to get the chance to try this supplement out, because I cannot see myself pay $24.00 USD for any vitamins or hair products. I am cheap, and I am not afraid to admit it! (lol)

While using Hairfinity I will not be using Hairdrenaline, to ensure that any "extra" growth I get over the course of this month will be due to the Hairfinity.

The directions calls for me to take 2 of the vitamins a day. They are capsules with white powder in them. Much like Biotin or MSM.

For reference I took  start pictures so you guys can see where I am, and at the very least I will post an ending picture for comparison.

I really am hoping for APL by October, but I know realistically; I should be there by December. Either way I am happy, I have come a long way from CL.

Wish me luck guys!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Styling Braided Hair-#4 (Sailor Moon)

Hey All!

I was playing around with my braids, and decided to put them in pig tails. I started out doing them low, but then I thought, I could do "Sailor Moon" pig tails. Do you guys remember that cartoon/anime from the 90's.

If you had a Mr.Softee truck pass through your neighborhood growing up, the had the "Sailor Moon" ice cream pop thingy (lol). They had toys, and movies, oh I loved them. My favorites were obviously Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury. I loved them all really.

Anyway this is my ode to"Sailor Moon".

I just used a couple of braids in the back and wrapped it around the hair I was putting in a pig tail. I did it for each side.

For those who do not know of "Sailor Moon"

Just wanted to share!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Styling Braided Hair- #3 (The High Bun)

Hey All!

I did another simple style the other day, (it is actually a go to of mine), The High Bun. I absolutely adore the looks of buns, especially high ones.

Since my braids are super long (WL) to make a bun, all I have to do is twirl the hair around itself. Hold it at the base, and then wrap the hair around, and secure with a hair tie of necessary.

You can also accessorize this look with a cute headband, or flower/butterfly clip.

Just wanted to share!


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