Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Combing= Knots

Hey All!

Life has been pretty hectic this past week; so ever since I flat ironed my hair, I have been bunning it.

Thing is, I have not been oiling my scalp, or combing my hair. I have only been taking my Hairfinity pills. Really lazy I know. So pretty much what I have been doing is simply just taking it out of the hair band, gathering my hair, and putting it right back into a bun.

So I have been doing my usual ritual (as of late), of no combing bunning, and for some reason in between that I try to run my fingers through my hair. My hair is straight so I figure I could do that, but I found this matted up, knot in my hair.

I cannot express to you all the look of horror that engulfed my face.  I did not even know it to be possible for straight hair to get knotty. To think I thought by keeping it straight I was avoiding them. So much for laziness.

I wish I had taken a picture. I got rid of it the wrong way; by ripping it out (gently) instead of cutting it out, but then again I have rarely been the one to follow my own advice.

So for you guys out there, I will tell you with my Mother has told me "Do as I say, not as I do" totally hypocritical I know (lol) but trust me if you want healthy hair it is best to do things the right way.

So please Ladies & Gentlemen, be a dear and comb that hair.

Just wanted to give you a brief going's on in the hair department.


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