Monday, September 26, 2011

Natural Hair Self-Esteem

Hey All.

Today I rocked a fro, with a headband. A semi-stretched fro so it was almost at its potential froliciousness (yes I made that word up lol) and I caught quite a few stares.

Fortunately I have gotten to a point of security with my hair, so getting stares does not bother me. However, when I was transitioning, and my first year of being natural, I was really self conscious. I was always wondering who was looking at me, or if it was looking "too nappy" so I always did styles that produced a defined curl pattern; Bantu Knot Outs, Braid/Twist outs, Rod sets, etc.

Then out of the blue one day I just grew a tough skin, and said to myself, "this is my hair, it's okay if others do not like it, because it is not theirs!"

The thought came to mind because when visiting a friend, her boyfriend asked me if I did my hair today, and also that I looked like I got electrocuted. A year ago, those words would have been so discouraging, but now I can genuinely laugh at it, and let the comment roll off my back.

What I also found interesting is that people 4 (a,b,c) hair are those who suffer from texture insecurity. 3's do too apparently! My sister has 3b/c hair who has been natural, but goes to Dominican Salon's religiously suffers from texture insecurity too. Which is ironic, because I use to envy her hair.

I believe that this is due to media in America still trying to live up to European standards of beauty. Straight, or type 2 hair, along with other standards such as skin tone, hair length, etc. It all contributes to how we view ourselves.

This just shows me that we may never be totally satisfied with what we have, but we need to learn to love and work with what we got! Rock that texture with confidence, let those comments fall by the wayside, and do you!

I am interested to hear you guys struggles, or triumphs when it comes to rocking your natural texture, so share! I also hope that this helps encourage those struggling with the decision to go natural, or staying natural.

Just wanted to share.


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