Friday, September 9, 2011

Styling Braided Hair-#4 (Sailor Moon)

Hey All!

I was playing around with my braids, and decided to put them in pig tails. I started out doing them low, but then I thought, I could do "Sailor Moon" pig tails. Do you guys remember that cartoon/anime from the 90's.

If you had a Mr.Softee truck pass through your neighborhood growing up, the had the "Sailor Moon" ice cream pop thingy (lol). They had toys, and movies, oh I loved them. My favorites were obviously Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury. I loved them all really.

Anyway this is my ode to"Sailor Moon".

I just used a couple of braids in the back and wrapped it around the hair I was putting in a pig tail. I did it for each side.

For those who do not know of "Sailor Moon"

Just wanted to share!



  1. Fighting evil by moonlight
    Winning love by daylight
    Never running from a real fight
    She is the named Sailor Moon!!!

    My fav cartoon of ALL TIME!!!! Sailor Moon and Jupiter are my favs. Hehe!<3

    I loved eatin those ice creams, too... I remember the bubblegum eyesballs, lmao!!

    I knew you were the one for me, Naomi! <3

  2. ^_^ Yay Haliboo! I knew I wasn't the only one who watched! That cartoon was pure awesomeness! Kids don't have good shows like that today it's a shame. Did you watch the movies?! I remember my mom renting them from Blockbuster so my sister and I could watch. Awesome times!

  3. Lmao, OMG! Same here, I would harass my dad along the aisles of BB for him to rent me a SM movie. lol *good times*

    Poor kids having to suffer from lack of awesome cartoons today. =(

    90's cartoons>>>>Now


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