Thursday, September 8, 2011

Styling Braided Hair- #3 (The High Bun)

Hey All!

I did another simple style the other day, (it is actually a go to of mine), The High Bun. I absolutely adore the looks of buns, especially high ones.

Since my braids are super long (WL) to make a bun, all I have to do is twirl the hair around itself. Hold it at the base, and then wrap the hair around, and secure with a hair tie of necessary.

You can also accessorize this look with a cute headband, or flower/butterfly clip.

Just wanted to share!



  1. Hello... I just wanted to say that i saw your box braids from 2010 and looking at the this yr you have retained a lot of length. I was googling box braids because i wanted to try them for this winter - i have very fine hair so i wasn't sure how they were going to look. Yours looks very nice!

  2. Hey Valarie! Glad to know that you have been peaking in since last year ;) Don't be afraid to hit that subscribe button if you haven't already!

    Box braids are great for summer/winter. Well protective styles are great for those months at least in my opinion. Summer because of the heat, and you may not want to be doing/styling your hair. Winter because of the cold weather, and harsh winds, because it can take a toll on your hair if not protected.

    I have super fine hair too, and it doesn't take much for it to fall out. I just take my time, and make sure not to braid too tightly to avoid tension. Tight braids can lead to Traction Alopecia!

    Enough of my rambling, thank you for the compliment, and for checking out the blog. I hope it encourages you to try box braids yourself!

    I actually will be doing some kind of twist/braided style this winter as well, I have not decided which yet, but I whatever I decide I will be doing myself, and will be posting. So look out!


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