Thursday, September 30, 2010

Natural Hair In The Work Place

I've come to realize that this is subject that is always being debated among naturals,relaxed, and texlaxed sistas alike. After becoming natural, I realized how taboo it is for naturals to rock a fro in the office. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with someone who is natural to color or straighten their hair (every once in a while), but I find that many naturals are uncomfortable wearing their hair as is to an interview or to the office and I understand completely.

I went to an interview not too long ago, and all the staff (from what I could tell), were Caucasian, which did not bother me. My hair gotten a little wild during the day, but I wore my hair in a braid out, with a headband. It still looked neat for the most part. I was interviewed by two people, and from the impressions I received from both, I assumed I had a good chance of getting the position, but for some reason, I feel like how I wore my hair had a lot to do with why I did not get hired. Of course there is no way of knowing this for sure, but that is my take on it, because was more than qualified for the position.

I for one, find it really hurtful, that those from other races, including some naturals/relaxed people feel that natural African American hair is inappropriate in the work place. Of course I know there are people out there who could care less how I chose to grow or wear my hair, and I am most thankful for those people! However, there are those who are not so forgiving. I believe it is that way because African American's have been relaxing our hair for so long, to cater to what society feels is acceptable (of course now it really can be just a preference) it is like people forgot what it looks like naturally. I find that the only way it is, is if  your hair is type 3 and above, and because of this, it has caused a lot of inner hate in the African Comunnity. In my opinion this is where the "Curly/Straight hair is good hair" mentality came from.

Of course I cannot speak for everyone, and I know not all feel this way, and chose to relax just because it is a preference. I think that is perfectly fine, but I do not like that some feel it is the only way, or that African American hair cannot grow if it is not relaxed, among many other silly stereotypes that are out there.

What has also come to my attention is that those with locked/dredlocked hair are not accepted or discriminated against as well, on my home forum, we were discussing an article about a teen in Floria was banned from attending his homecoming because of his locks. They said it went against school policy, however, this so called policy was not actually written, so in other words, it did not exist, although it is commonly enforced. In the article the teen stated "I thought it was acceptable, but from what the principal told me homecoming is of a higher standard and dreads are just not acceptable."

I feel like we were all made and look different for a reason, and by society only accepting straight hair, it makes it so that we all look the same. We were created differently for a reason, but we should all be treated equally. Is that not what we fought so hard for, yet, we are still being discriminated against. My question is, will it ever stop?

Since that is a question that cannot be answered, I feel that at the end of the day, we have to live with the people we chose to be, and the decisions we make at the end of the day, and I say do what makes you happy, or comfortable, you can't live your life for others. Anyway, that is just my opinion on the matter. You guys are more than welcome to tell me your take on the situation, good or bad. I just feel like it is something I needed to bring to light.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

About Last Post

I know I said I'd post pics of my bday hair, however, the thought slipped my mind, and by the time I got home, the rain had already gotten to my hair! So I owe you guys!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Well you guys, 12 am this morning is the beginning of my Birthday! I am feeling nervous and anxious, I've spoken about reaching 20 all my life, and I've finally reached it. It sure does feel weird. I guess it always takes a while for you to 'feel your age'.

I do not have anything special planned but I did treat myself to a rod set. It has been a month since I've last done one, and I want to look pretty on my day. It may look strange though, because I ran out of pink rods, which are the biggest I own, and had to use gray rods for the front. The reason it I say it may look strange is because different sized rods produce different curls, the bigger, the looser the curl, the smaller, the tighter, and so on so forth. Oh and I used Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion, it has been a while since I've used setting lotion, as I had been using Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel for my rod sets, so we'll see. I'll make sure to take pics of the rods, and do before after shots for you all. Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is so irrelevant to hair, but I am an avid fan of Dexter! It is on it's 5th season, and it premeires tonight @ 9 EST on Showtime. It is about a Blood Spatter Analysis and works for the Miami PD, who is also a serial killer, but all his murders are 'justified' as the vitims are usually murderers, rapists, etc. It is my absolute favorite show!

So I want to know how many of you will be watching?

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Heat Appliance Wish List

You guys, I have hit a wall. I am officially bored with my styling options. Having these bald spots have proven to be difficult because I cannot wear updo's or high ponytails. It's growing in well, even though I have been slacking on my cayenne treatments. I plan on doing an intense sitting this Sunday, and I may straighten in preparation for my birthday this Monday.

Or I may do a rod set for my birthday, and straighten for my boyfriends birthday, since he hates that I wear my hair curly all the time. I don't know we'll see how I feel. I kind of want to wait until I get my new flat iron. I do not have the funds now, but I plan on getting the MAXIglide XP straightener, which is a part of my wish list!

This straightener has steam technology, and combs that detangles hair as it is being straightened. This by any means does not mean that you do not have to stretch your hair, by blow drying, or air drying in plaits. It comes in hand for those like myself with ify ends that tend to want to stick together. The picture is the exact set I plan on getting, with retails for $89.95 USD, and $8.23 for Shipping. You can also pay in two sets of payments, $44.97 USD. The protection plan is an extra $13.95 USD, but it lasts for 2 years.

I'm hoping I can get this for Christmas, I will definitely be sure to review it for you guys!

Also on my list of things to get is a blow dryer. I have a drug store blow dryer right now, and it does absolutely nothing for my hair. It a Remington D-3310 All That Speed Ionic Dryer. I am looking to upgrade to a professional dryer. During my relaxed days, I use to go to Dominican Salons for a Blow out, and my hair was always bouncy and really straight, especially at the root. I believe it is due to the professional dryer, and the nozzle attachment, so now I am looking to get something something similar to what they use in the salons, but in an affordable price range, as I am cheap lol.

So as of late I have been looking at Turbo Power MegaPower 3000, but I am not sure about its authenticity, it is not sold on Folica.Com, and I have only seen it on Amazon. However, I have seen someone do a beautiful Dominican Style blow out on her daughter's natural hair on youtube using this brand dryer.(Here is the video)  I was sold on this model because it is recent and cheaper priced than the Twin Turbo or the 4000 model. I am really trying to avoid spending 100 buck on a hair dryer.

Lastly, my interest lies in a hooded dryer. I have been wanting one of these since forever! They are awesome for deep conditioning treatments, add your dc, put on your showercap, and prop yourself under one of these baby's, and your dc time is cut in half, as the heat helps the dc penetrate your scalp easier. So instead of sitting with conditioner on your head for an hour, you can sit under the dryer for a half hour. It's good for those with busy schedules, or simply those who do not like waiting. It is also good for roller or rod sets.

I have been wanting to try magnetic rollers, this is the rollers used in Dominican Salons, that uses the metal duck bill clips to keep in place. These rollers give curls with body. They also can prep hair to be blown out, which is the method used in Dominican salons, at least to the few I have been to. Walgreens has a set of Magnetic rollers in various sizes, that comes with metal clips, and a comb for styling, or applying the hair to the roller. It is Conair brand, and is on sale for $11.24 USD right now.

These rollers cannot be used on dry hair, you can simply just apply wet/damp hair or use setting lotion. I like setting lotion because it gives my curls hold.

Anyway, back to the subject, I get side tracked easily lol.

I have not picked out a dryer as of yet, I am either going with a Gold N' Hot brand or Conair. Again, I want something that is inexpensive because I will mostly using it for dcing and the occasional roller set. Though I do not want it to be too inexpensive because I want something of quality, I'm hoping 50 bucks or less would do it.

I would love to purchase my toys (heat appliances) in bulk, as soon as I get all my other priorities settled, so I'm hoping I will be able to treat myself this Christmas. You guys will be the first folks I tell, and I'll be sure to review all my goodies!

As you can see, since these are things that will cost a pretty penny, no matter what appliances you are buying, because quality is key,  you want to do your research and make sure these appliances will fit your hair, and it's needs, and also what is in your price range, so again I encourage you to do your research ladies (and gentlemen)! I know I hate to waste money, and I would hate for you to do the same!

It will be a while until I am ready to purchase my toys, so I am open to suggestions guys, if you have any good heat appliances that you can't stop raving about, comment and share!

Until Next Time, Naomi

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Believe It Is......Shedding!

I know I promised you all an update about whether I have breakage or not, and I finally got around to it yesterday, I cowashed, which I am most thankful for, because my hair was super stiff with gel, I'm heavy handed with products lol. I was running out of both my HE Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner, as well as my VO5 Free Me Freesia, so I decided to mix them to cowash. Which made my hair feel super soft, but I cowashed again just to make sure my hair was free of product.

Detangling was pretty easy, but hair came out, but it look to be the usual amount. I managed to catch most of it.

The strands did not have a white bulb, which usually is the tell tale sign of shedding, because that means it came directly from the root, however, it seemed to be the length of my hair, so I do not believe it is breakage, I guess we'll see as time goes on.

I was in a rush, so I did not have time to do my overnight low manipulation styling as usual, so I opted for a Wash N' Go. I did not dry my hair, I oiled my scalp with my usual oil mixture (JBCO, ABUHO) in my applicator bottle, and then used what was left of the same conditioners I use to cowash with as my leave in. I was prepared to use gel, but I was satisfied with the curl definition I got from using the conditioners alone. Her is how it came out...

My hair was still damp with product, but it essentially looked the same when it dried fully. We'll that is the update!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loose Strands of Hair

Thursday I went through my usual wash day regimen. I prepooed with HE Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner, mixed with Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil for close to two hours. I did my cayenne treatment along with prepooing to save time.

Washing out was horrible! Lol, I got pepper all in my eyes, now don't get my wrong, I usually wash my hair in the sink, so I don't have to worry about that happening, but my sink was full of dishes, and I didn't want to have to wash them, so I did it in the shower, which was huge mistake! My eyes were burning for a hot minute! lol Of course it goes away after a while.

Anyway so half blind, I washed my hair with my clarifying shampoo, VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Kiwi Lime. I haven't clarified in a while so I figured it was time that I did, although my scalp didn't really feel dirty. I then did my Protein Treatment, again, because I have not done one in a while. I used Africa's Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise, I added a bit more mayonnaise to it, and a little Castor Oil (Home Health Brand).

I dced for about two hours with a plastic bag on my head, since I'm out of shower caps, however, I think I am starting to like plastic bags better, no leakage.

My hair felt strong, but still had a little softness to it, I detangled with my wide tooth comb, and cowashed, using VO5 Herbal Escapes Free Me Freesia.

I did not feel like doing a low manipulation style so I decided to slick my hair in a pony using my Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel. Before hand, I oiled my scalp with my oil mixture of Lavender JBCO and Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, and then spraying my hair with my Super Moisturizing 'Homemade' Coconut Leave In.

Thing is, after towel drying my hair, and putting my hands in it, strands came out, it didn't seem like breakage, but it just came out, but since my hair is in a pony, I won't be able to tell until my next cowash, which I'll probably do tomorrow. I'm thinking it could just be part of my Hair Life Cycle.

I learned that everyone's hair follicles has a life cycle, and it has three phases.

Anagen- Which is the Growth Phase.
Catagen- Which is the Transitional Phase.
Telogen- Which is the Resting Phase.

The Anagen (growth) phase is when the hair is growing, and is producing new hair. A hair follicle's life span can range between 2-7 years, sometimes less depending on genetics. Hair can grow half an inch to an inch a month, again, depending on genetics.

The Catagen (transitional) phase comes directly after the Anagen phase, during this phase, the scalps stops being active, and forms club hairs. Club hair if formed when then end of the original strand of hair attaches itself to the hair shaft, and cuts itself off from blood supply, and ultimately the cells that produce new hair. This phase lasts 2-3 weeks.

Then begins the The Telogen (resting)  Phase, this is when club hairs are fully formed to the hair follicle, which means the original strand of hair is now dead. Which is when the shedding begins. A person can shed 50-100 club hairs a day from a normal scalp. This phase usually last 3 months, for those who have a 'normal' scalp.

All hair follicles go through these phases, so yes, that means eyebrows, arm (pit), leg, and even that secret place lol.

I'm hoping that my hair is just in the Telogen Phase, and not just breaking off. We'll see. Wish me luck!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hair Length Chart & Hair Forum Terminology/Abbreviations

When I first started my Healthy Hair Journey (HHJ), I had no clue what the hair length terminology was, but I found these charts that tells you where one length begins, and ends, and the abbreviations for it, which I think is important to know if you are or plan to be on any hair blogs or forums.So here are a couple of charts I use to judge my length, which makes it easier, since some people, like myself, do not measure by inches.

Some other Termonology that may be used on Forums, I found them really confusing when I just started out, so I thought I'd compile some of the common ones.

ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar

BC- Big Chop

BHP- Black Hair Planet (Forum)

BHM- Black Hair Media (Forum)

BSS- Beauty Supply Store

BUMP(ING)-  You write this in a thread you create, or when you want to  push (bump) a/your topic to the top so it can stay active, and be visible to other posters to see, or get a response

CO- Castor Oil or Coconut Oil

CON- Cream of Nature

CONES- Silicones

DB- Dear Boyfriend

DD- Dear Daughter
DG- Dear Girlfriend

DH- Dear Husband

DS- Dear Son

DF- Dear Fiance/Fiancee (basically if there is a D before  letters B,D,G, and F, it means dear lol)

DIY- Do It Yourself

DUSTING- It is when you trim a such a tiny amount, it falls/resembles dust

EVCO- Extra Virgin Castor Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

HE- Herbal Essense

HHG- Happy Hair Growing

HHJ- Healthy Hair Journey

HTH- Hope That Helps

ITA- I Totally Agree

IMO/JMO- In/ Just My Opinion

JBCO- Jamaican Black Castor Oil

NG- New Growth

PJ- Product Junkie (someone who buys/owns more hair products that they 'need')

SO- Significant Other

S& D- Search and Destroy, it is when you 'search' and cut/trim split ends

TIA- Thanks In Advance

TWA- Teeny Weeny Afro

WGO- Wild Growth Oil

Okay, that is all the abbreviations I can think of for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! HTH!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Stretched Strand Length Check

Okay, so I am not the best when it comes to length Checks, but I was going through one of my old hair albums and came across old length check pics. So I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to compare the two to see how much length I have gained. Flat ironing hair is the correct method, as you can see the length of your hair all around, opposed to a strand length check, however it is not convenient, at least for someone like me who does not flat iron all the time.

My birthday is coming up on the  27th so I may flat iron for then, and I can do a true length check.I tried to stretch the same strand shown in my previous pics.

I think the first pics were taken 03/15/2010, and the second pics were taken today, 09/15/2010. So that is a 6 months difference, eh, not sure if that's a tremendous amount of growth, but I'll take it. Hopefully the next 6 months I'll be closing in on APL (Arm Pit Length)

All I can do is keep up with my regimen, and tweak it to my needs...anyway, just thought I'd share.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dry Rod Set on Semi Straigth Natural Hair

You guys must realize by now, that I love, love, love, rod sets! It is my favorite staple. Anyway, as most of you guys know who have been follow, I straightened my hair a few weeks back. I believe I left it that way for a week and a half or two weeks. Within that time I of course did a rod set, but since my hair was still semi straight, and I say semi, because my roots were starting to revert, but none the less, I installed my trusty gray rods, and left them overnight with a satin bonnet. I adore this style because of the poofy texture, my hair has lots of volume! I made sure to take pictures for you guys!

Hope you guys like it! As you can see rod sets can look get on natural, or straightened hair, and I love to wear it on both.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Use Shea Butter In your DC!

I purchased pure unrefined Shea Butter not too long ago, and to be honest I have not found much use for it, in terms of hair, I know it is a great sealant, but I don't really need it for that right now, so I thought, why not add it to my preoo, but using it in a dc, on clean hair, not a good idea!

 I  know the title is a bit harsh, but guys, I had the worst experience last night!

For my prepoo I used Melted Shea Butter, Castor Oil, a little Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, mixed with Herbal Essence Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner- which reeks of Alcohol, I'm not sure if I didn't notice it before, but It is definitely noticeable, which I do not like, will be using out, and not repurchasing, anyway that was not my problem.

It came out nice after shampooing, and since it worked so well in my prepoo, I said, why not add some to you DC. Boy was I wrong. I added all the same ingredients excluding the Hydralicious, and mixed it with my Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol, applied and put on a shower cap.

I would say I left it on for close  2 hours, and I went to rinse. Now here is where my problem lies, I rinsed with water, and used my wide tooth comb to detangle, like always, and I put my towel on my head and head to the bathroom- I wash my hair in the kitchen sink, and my hair was coated! It was thick and slick feeling, I could use my nail to scrape the Shea butter off my strands of hair!

I immediately went to cowash, I used my VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Conditioner Kiwi Lime, and my hair went back to normal.

I don't know if I added too much , or it was the combination of Shea and Castor Oil, but my hair did not like it, at least not if I'm not going to wash it out.

So for those of you out there who are Do It Yourself-ers, or 'Chemists' as I like to call myself, be careful of the ingredients you add, and what you add them to, I did not get any adverse results, just slick hair, but I sure didn't like it. However, I did like it in my prepoo! Shea Butter is a sealant too, so that could be why my hair felt coated.

Just wanted to share my experience with you all! Happy Product Mixing!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair- Back To School Edition

As you all know, school is back, some of you may have started school already, or starting this week, but that means busy schedules!

If you already have a regimen that works for you, great, if not, it is great time to form one, since you will have limited time to spend pampering your hair. So here are my suggestions for styling and a simplified regimen for you busy ladies & gents.

Shingling- Takes more time than wash n go's , but is similar in that it does give you defined curls. This method you can use a diffuser or a dryer to dry the curls to have it set.

Rod/Roller Sets- My favorite, depending on the size you can get tighter or looser curls, and can last for a week.

Two Strand Twists- A great style because it is two in one, it takes some time to install depending your hair density and length, but it is worth it, because this style can lasts for weeks with proper upkeep. The second style from these twist, is the twist out! Which can also last a week,with the proper care, or retwisting at night

Flat Twists- Like two strands, can lasts weeks if cared for properly. You can also do the twist out style.

Bantu Knot/Twist/Braid Outs- Are styles that can be installed overnight, and can last up to a week, and can be worn in different ways. Bantu Knots gives you curls, twists gives more of a wavy curl, and braid/plaits give you more of a crimped look.

There are also quick styling options like

Puffs- Forever simple, all it takes is a headband, and maybe a leave in for shine and moisture, and you are set for the day.

Wash n Go's- Are a life saver if you are looking for defined curls, but are in a rush, because this style can be worn damp and dries during the day. To achieve this style you can use Kinky Curly Curling Custard, or use a cheaper alternative, Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel, which is what I use. It does not flake, but I recommend using an oil or conditioner on the hair before applying.

Ponytails & Buns... which goes under the category of protective styling, as your ends are not brushing up against anything and are protected.

 There are other protective styling options such as Individual/Box Braids, Kinky/Spring/Senegalese Twists, and Cornrows. With these I would pay careful attention to how it is installed, if not done by yourself, as if it is two tight, it can cause more damage than good. However, it is a good option because it eliminates most of things done in a weekly regimen, like cowashing every other day, etc.

As for a regimen, I say get it Simple

Wash Weekly or at least Every 2 weeks-as product can build up on the scalp, clarify once a month to get rid of product that is left over in deposits

Cowash according to your styling Schedule- For instance, if you do a style and it lasts 3 days, cowash on the last day, or on the day you intend on restyling.

 Deep Condition weekly- If you are short on time, investing in a hooded dryer may be a better option, as the time is cut in half because the heat is helping the conditioner penetrate the scalp faster so instead of an hour without heat, you can do an half hour with heat. You can always heat up the conditioner, or just put on plastic bag/shower cap, and leave it in for an hour or two if you are not pressed for time.

Anyway, I hope those tips help you curly/kinky ladies and gents out there!

Until Next Time, Naomi ~

Late Comment Responses

I want to apologize to those who have been leaving me comments, I did not realize I had any! I have responded to all comments posted, and again I want to apologize for the late responses, I promise I'll be on it for now on! Forgive me guys! Thank you for following and supporting me!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Do It Yourself (DIY) Deep Conditioning Treatment- Carrot for Hair!

As you all know, I have not been home these past few weeks, so that means I have no access to my products! I know, it's terrible, however, it really has turned me into a DIY-er which is great because it forces me to be creative!

Staying with family, they have little product, which make me seem like a total junkie, but what they do have is, Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Conditioner. I do not use this at home, but it's conditioner none the less.

I squeezed a few globs of the conditioner into a bowl and added Filipo Berio Olive Oil, of course you do not have to use that specific brand, I usually use what ever is around the house. This particular brand
Before recently I had no intentions of trying carrot in a conditioner, but I have heard many good things about it, and we all know it is good for our eye sight because it contains vitamin A, but it is also full of antioxidants and minerals.I used Earth Best First Carrot (baby food). It is an organic brand, so it only contains only carrot and water, and is finely pureed, so saved me the hassle or trying to blend carrots, which I have heard can turn into a stringy mess! On their site it is sold 6 to a pack in 2.50 ounce jars for $4.14 USD excluding tax, which is about $0.69 cents a jar.

I mixed my ingredients together, and it sat in the fridge overnight in a plastic tupperware bowl, with a lid.

Before showering, I took my mixture to sit with me in the bathroom while bathing, hoping that it would warm up a little due to the steam. I did not want to ruin the texture of it by putting it in the microwave.

I Shampooed, and then added my deep conditioner mixture to my hair in sections (four) while finger combing it through, and put on a shower cap.

My hair was still a bit wet, so the mixture dripped a little, but I still kept it on for 2 hours. I rinsed while detangling, and it was a breeze! My hair felt really soft and moisturized! It also had a nice shine, which I am assuming came from the Olive Oil, which is surprising, because my hair did not like Olive Oil too much back when I was transitioning.

I used the same Olive Oil on my scalp and hair, and used setting lotion to do a rod set. My hair has hold, but it does not have a crunch, and it still very shiny.

It is definitely something that I will try again, I encourage you to try this recipe out, or create your own concoction!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

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