Friday, September 24, 2010

My Heat Appliance Wish List

You guys, I have hit a wall. I am officially bored with my styling options. Having these bald spots have proven to be difficult because I cannot wear updo's or high ponytails. It's growing in well, even though I have been slacking on my cayenne treatments. I plan on doing an intense sitting this Sunday, and I may straighten in preparation for my birthday this Monday.

Or I may do a rod set for my birthday, and straighten for my boyfriends birthday, since he hates that I wear my hair curly all the time. I don't know we'll see how I feel. I kind of want to wait until I get my new flat iron. I do not have the funds now, but I plan on getting the MAXIglide XP straightener, which is a part of my wish list!

This straightener has steam technology, and combs that detangles hair as it is being straightened. This by any means does not mean that you do not have to stretch your hair, by blow drying, or air drying in plaits. It comes in hand for those like myself with ify ends that tend to want to stick together. The picture is the exact set I plan on getting, with retails for $89.95 USD, and $8.23 for Shipping. You can also pay in two sets of payments, $44.97 USD. The protection plan is an extra $13.95 USD, but it lasts for 2 years.

I'm hoping I can get this for Christmas, I will definitely be sure to review it for you guys!

Also on my list of things to get is a blow dryer. I have a drug store blow dryer right now, and it does absolutely nothing for my hair. It a Remington D-3310 All That Speed Ionic Dryer. I am looking to upgrade to a professional dryer. During my relaxed days, I use to go to Dominican Salons for a Blow out, and my hair was always bouncy and really straight, especially at the root. I believe it is due to the professional dryer, and the nozzle attachment, so now I am looking to get something something similar to what they use in the salons, but in an affordable price range, as I am cheap lol.

So as of late I have been looking at Turbo Power MegaPower 3000, but I am not sure about its authenticity, it is not sold on Folica.Com, and I have only seen it on Amazon. However, I have seen someone do a beautiful Dominican Style blow out on her daughter's natural hair on youtube using this brand dryer.(Here is the video)  I was sold on this model because it is recent and cheaper priced than the Twin Turbo or the 4000 model. I am really trying to avoid spending 100 buck on a hair dryer.

Lastly, my interest lies in a hooded dryer. I have been wanting one of these since forever! They are awesome for deep conditioning treatments, add your dc, put on your showercap, and prop yourself under one of these baby's, and your dc time is cut in half, as the heat helps the dc penetrate your scalp easier. So instead of sitting with conditioner on your head for an hour, you can sit under the dryer for a half hour. It's good for those with busy schedules, or simply those who do not like waiting. It is also good for roller or rod sets.

I have been wanting to try magnetic rollers, this is the rollers used in Dominican Salons, that uses the metal duck bill clips to keep in place. These rollers give curls with body. They also can prep hair to be blown out, which is the method used in Dominican salons, at least to the few I have been to. Walgreens has a set of Magnetic rollers in various sizes, that comes with metal clips, and a comb for styling, or applying the hair to the roller. It is Conair brand, and is on sale for $11.24 USD right now.

These rollers cannot be used on dry hair, you can simply just apply wet/damp hair or use setting lotion. I like setting lotion because it gives my curls hold.

Anyway, back to the subject, I get side tracked easily lol.

I have not picked out a dryer as of yet, I am either going with a Gold N' Hot brand or Conair. Again, I want something that is inexpensive because I will mostly using it for dcing and the occasional roller set. Though I do not want it to be too inexpensive because I want something of quality, I'm hoping 50 bucks or less would do it.

I would love to purchase my toys (heat appliances) in bulk, as soon as I get all my other priorities settled, so I'm hoping I will be able to treat myself this Christmas. You guys will be the first folks I tell, and I'll be sure to review all my goodies!

As you can see, since these are things that will cost a pretty penny, no matter what appliances you are buying, because quality is key,  you want to do your research and make sure these appliances will fit your hair, and it's needs, and also what is in your price range, so again I encourage you to do your research ladies (and gentlemen)! I know I hate to waste money, and I would hate for you to do the same!

It will be a while until I am ready to purchase my toys, so I am open to suggestions guys, if you have any good heat appliances that you can't stop raving about, comment and share!

Until Next Time, Naomi

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