Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loose Strands of Hair

Thursday I went through my usual wash day regimen. I prepooed with HE Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner, mixed with Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil for close to two hours. I did my cayenne treatment along with prepooing to save time.

Washing out was horrible! Lol, I got pepper all in my eyes, now don't get my wrong, I usually wash my hair in the sink, so I don't have to worry about that happening, but my sink was full of dishes, and I didn't want to have to wash them, so I did it in the shower, which was huge mistake! My eyes were burning for a hot minute! lol Of course it goes away after a while.

Anyway so half blind, I washed my hair with my clarifying shampoo, VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Kiwi Lime. I haven't clarified in a while so I figured it was time that I did, although my scalp didn't really feel dirty. I then did my Protein Treatment, again, because I have not done one in a while. I used Africa's Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise, I added a bit more mayonnaise to it, and a little Castor Oil (Home Health Brand).

I dced for about two hours with a plastic bag on my head, since I'm out of shower caps, however, I think I am starting to like plastic bags better, no leakage.

My hair felt strong, but still had a little softness to it, I detangled with my wide tooth comb, and cowashed, using VO5 Herbal Escapes Free Me Freesia.

I did not feel like doing a low manipulation style so I decided to slick my hair in a pony using my Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel. Before hand, I oiled my scalp with my oil mixture of Lavender JBCO and Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, and then spraying my hair with my Super Moisturizing 'Homemade' Coconut Leave In.

Thing is, after towel drying my hair, and putting my hands in it, strands came out, it didn't seem like breakage, but it just came out, but since my hair is in a pony, I won't be able to tell until my next cowash, which I'll probably do tomorrow. I'm thinking it could just be part of my Hair Life Cycle.

I learned that everyone's hair follicles has a life cycle, and it has three phases.

Anagen- Which is the Growth Phase.
Catagen- Which is the Transitional Phase.
Telogen- Which is the Resting Phase.

The Anagen (growth) phase is when the hair is growing, and is producing new hair. A hair follicle's life span can range between 2-7 years, sometimes less depending on genetics. Hair can grow half an inch to an inch a month, again, depending on genetics.

The Catagen (transitional) phase comes directly after the Anagen phase, during this phase, the scalps stops being active, and forms club hairs. Club hair if formed when then end of the original strand of hair attaches itself to the hair shaft, and cuts itself off from blood supply, and ultimately the cells that produce new hair. This phase lasts 2-3 weeks.

Then begins the The Telogen (resting)  Phase, this is when club hairs are fully formed to the hair follicle, which means the original strand of hair is now dead. Which is when the shedding begins. A person can shed 50-100 club hairs a day from a normal scalp. This phase usually last 3 months, for those who have a 'normal' scalp.

All hair follicles go through these phases, so yes, that means eyebrows, arm (pit), leg, and even that secret place lol.

I'm hoping that my hair is just in the Telogen Phase, and not just breaking off. We'll see. Wish me luck!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

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