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Hairdrenalin- The Potion, Growth Aide

Hey All!

I am sure most of you know that I am a member over on Hairlista, (which is a great hair forum, so check it out if you have not already. Also my beloved Black Hair Planet.) and the big buzz over there has been about this hair "Potion" that promises to help speed up hair growth, to as much as 3 inches in 7 weeks. Of course all cases, and hair is different, so you may not experience those exact results.

There is also a group dedicated for those who are using the potion on Hairlista, which I joined, and lurked (lol) for weeks, before deciding that I wanted to try this for myself, after seeing so many great progress pics, and updates. So she has a fan in me, I also subscribed to her page.

The creator of the "Potion", comes from a lovely woman on  Youtube, who's name is Valerie, Her user is OhValeriMonCherie. She experienced growth from creating this potion and was generous enough to share how she makes it. She also sells her "potion".

Here are the how to's (it is a two part)

Here is the link on where to purchase the "Potion". , once on the page, click on where it says, buy potion.

The "Potion" has ingredients that are know to help stimulate growth like
Castor Oil
Cayenne Pepper
Onion/Garlic Seed Oils
Black Tea (to help soothe itch)

I figured that this could help put me over the edge to reaching my goal of APL, and possibly BSL by the end of the year. (For acronym definitions, check out this post ) As I just a bit past SL right now.

Using the exact ingredients she used, to make 16oz you will need
45 cut  Black Tea bags
1/2 large bottle (1.75oz) of Cayenne Pepper
30 Biotin pills (blended or powder form)
2-4 drops onion seed oil
1-2 drop garlic seed oil
2:1 ratio of onion seed oil to garlic seed oil
I decided to make my own variation to the "Potion", as did not have all the ingredients on hand. I wanted to do a video, but my camera decided it did not want to read my memory card, so I also could not take pictures during either. Smh Thankfully dh was nice enough to let me take pics with his phone, so I have after pics.

I used
16oz of (Home Health) Castor Oil
15 cut (Bigelow) Black Tea Bags
1/2 large bottle of (McCormick) Cayenne Pepper
50 Biotin pills (300mcg) (Known for treating hair loss, and promoting growth)
30 MSM pills (500mcg) (A form of sulphur, that is also growth promoting, which is why I chose it to replace the Onion Seed Oil)
1/4 large bottle of Onion Powder (McCormick 2.65oz) (Also to help replace the use of Onion Seed Oil)
1/4 large bottle of Garlic Powder (McCormick 2.65oz) ( For growth, help replace the use of Garlic Seed Oil)

Like Valerie's "Potion" I infused mine in the oven ( you can use a crock pot on low, as well), and I set mine for 220 degrees, and left it in for 5 hours.

(In her videos she says your temperature should not exceed 225, or be any lower than 200, and you should keep it in the oven for a minimum of 5 hours, but to not exceed 5 1/2)

After it is done, you have to strain your oil, you can use Cheese Cloth, Coffee Filters, or a Knee Hi/Stocking. I used a Knee Hi.

You put whatever one of those over a cup, and pour your mixture into that cup, you can choose to let what's left strain or bottle it.

I strained mine for a extra few minutes, and I got about 10oz out of the batch.

She suggest that if you use a clear bottle, to keep it in the fridge to prevent direct light hitting the bottle, as that could ruin the potency of your "Potion". I used a regular plastic water bottle for my extra 2oz, and an old Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil bottle, which is 8oz, so I am storing mine in the fridge. If you are storing in a dark bottle, or container, your "Potion" will not have to be refrigerated.

Here's how my variation of the "Potion" came out

A lot of ladies are using the GHE effect (Green House Effect, the act of applying an oil, and placing a plastic cap/or saran wrapping your hair, and then tying a scarf around the plastic cap or saran wrap. I also put a satin bonnet on top for added effect.

GHE is suppose to help the oil penetrate the scalp better.) for use of the oil, 7 days a week. I will not be using it that often, maybe 4 times a week.

Last night was my first time using it, did GHE, and I did get a nice itch/tingling feeling, and it smells like a everything bagel (lol), which I do not mind, too much.

I will be taking progress pics in between (June 30th- July 5th), probably the latter, since I started on the 4th of June.

Here is where I'm starting from.

Ignore the pieceyness of it, I only flat ironed a small section. (For those who do not know. I am natural, and have 4a texture hair)

I took this pic for the  The Six Inch Challenge over on BHP, on June 1st, so it really came in hand.

So look out for my progress, updates! Hopefully my progress will encourage you all to jump on board!



  1. Wow with those ingredients but I hope you reach your lots of pics I want to see your progress


  2. Hey Kira!

    I'm hoping I reach them as well, keep a look out for my weekly progress pics. I just did one for last week.

    I will be posting weekly pics every Sunday for comparison, so stay tuned!


  3. Hi Naomi,
    Did u add the onion powder and sulphur bfo infusing o after?
    Cuz I've known dat the oils should b added at d end.

    1. Hi Montserrat!

      Thanks for following the blog. I really appreciate it! To answer your question, I believe I added the onion and sulfur with all my other ingredients before going into the oven, so it could be infused. Otherwise it would just be sitting on top, not really doing much. Lol. HTH!! Don't be afraid to let me know if you have any other questions, or suggestions.



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