Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 2 Update Using Hairdrenaline/Potion

Hey All!

I'm here to give you guys an update. I have been trying really hard to stay on my Potion regimen. Which I must say can be a bit tedious, especially because I use GHE (Green House Effect). Which leads me to have to cowash in the morning. So that means no Low Manipulation Styling, which I suppose is a good thing, being that Protective Styles help retain length.

(Green House Effect is a natural heating effect caused by using a plastic cap/saran wrap/ or even a plastic bag, and covering that with a bonnet or a scarf. It helps oils penetrate better, and also with moisture.)

Here is the picture comparison.

 I want to stay consistent with using the same shirt, but it is in the dirty clothes (lol).

Since pictures can make your hair seem longer/shorter depending on the angle, I make sure to measure.

This week the left measured
10 1/2 inches

the right
 11 inches

That's right ladies and gentleman, an inch! Which is unbelievable! So if I get an inch again next week, we will know for sure that this stuff is the truth!

It has also been helping a great deal with my bald areas.(Sorry if it is a bit blurry)

I just had to share! I will be posting next weeks results next Saturday, so look out for that post!



  1. Nice!! I was looking forward for the update, I am glad it is going so well for you :)

  2. Thanks, Kira! I am glad it is too. This is the longest my hair has been since I was a child!

    It will be a staple in my regimen until I reach my long term goal of WL (Waist Length). Until then I will be doing updates, so look out for them!



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