Monday, April 4, 2011

Length Check Update & Review of MAXIglide Xpress

Hey All! I'm back...with straight hair!

I flat ironed my hair a couple of days ago since I got my new MAXIglide Xpress not too long ago, which I bought from HSN, which to my knowledge has the best deal on this iron.

I felt it was a good time to do it since I have not straightened my hair since my 1 year natural anniversary, last October.

Before flat ironing I made sure to do my wash day duties, including a protein treatment since it was about time for me to do another treatment, and my hair could use a good dose of strength before applying heat to my delicate strands!

Using the iron was so easy! My only complaint is more so about my styling tips DVD not working, however that does not effect my review of the iron itself! I did get a tip from one of my good friends from BHP, who also owns the flat iron, to not use tap water, but use distilled/bottled water instead.

Since I have no patience, nor do I know how to make distilled water, I went with the bottled. The iron uses maybe two cap full of water, to fill the compartment.

The iron has notches that goes all the way up to 10, being the highest temperature of 428 degrees Fahrenheit . I used mine on the 7th notch (it's numbered so you will know which one your using).

I blow dried my hair using  my Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer, and my hair came out pretty straight by using that alone, it also gave my hair a lovely sheen.

Here's my hair half blow dried

Before flat ironing, I added my Beyond The Zone Turn Up The Heat- Heat Protectant, since it can be heavy, I sprayed it twice in my palms rubbed them together, and added it to my ends and throughout my hair. I did this in three sections.

The iron was fully heated I don't believe any longer than 30 seconds. I sectioned my hair using the clips that came with my iron, which made flat ironing so much easier, they were sturdy clips too, which I loved. The reason I say this is because one clip was able to hold a whole side of my natural hair.

I use the steam at two points, once when I am about 2 inches away from my scalp, to prevent burning myself, and another before I get to my ends to smooth, and to to be honest... my hair got straight in one pass! That's right I said one pass!

But being the perfectionist that I am when it comes to my hair, I went over it again. I got my hair done in less than an hour, which I loved!

My hair got so straight it was scary, it was like I got a fresh relaxer! Here's a close up of my roots...

Here's the end results....

I gave myself a slight dusting after straightening, and I have got to say that I am quite pleased with my growth.

I'll be doing another length check on my 2 year anniversary in October, which is 6 months away. Let's see how much growth I can retain by then! I have no clue what hair length I am now but I'm hoping for full APL by that time.

Which is quite strange to say because at one point of my life I was convinced my hair wouldn't grow past CL (chin length), let alone do it natural, yet here I am. That's why pics are so important during your hhj, it lets you get a visual, we do not notice our growth but pictures help us see that we are progressing!

Anyway just had to share!



  1. I love it! Great review and I'm loving the shine.

  2. Hey great progress, that straightner seems pretty cool too I've never heard of it before but it seems to work awesome! So I might have to check it out.

  3. Thanks Godiva & Augusta!

    It really is a good iron, check out the link I in the post that says HSN, it will take you to the product page for the iron, and they have the infomercial video in the side panel, they also have videos on youtube!


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