Friday, April 8, 2011

To Wash, or Not to Wash?

Hey All!

As all of you know I flat ironed my hair last week, and I have been enjoying my straight tresses, but here is my dilemma....Sunday is coming, and Sunday is my wash day!

The problem is.. I don't think I'm ready for my hair to revert just yet! It has in the front a bit, and around my edges, but for the most part it is still straight. I am curious to know whether my hair endured any heat damage *crosses fingers*, but I think I want to at least try to keep my hair this way until next Sunday, (even though I'm sure a moisturizing deep conditioner, and a good moisturize & sealing session is what my hair needs) since the next time I will be flat ironing will be on my 2 year natural anniversary.

I also have not been m &s lately, as all of my moisturizers are water based and will cause reversion, so the only thing I've been able to do with my hair as of late, is oil my scalp with the Rosemary Sunny Isle JBCO I have been using, which I am almost out of! (Will be reviewing soon!)

What is a girl to do!? Just had to share, your welcome to share any input!


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