Saturday, April 30, 2011

How To Achive Second Day Hair

Hey All!

I have been under time constraints lately, so achieving Second and Third Day Hair, had been essential!

The way my Regimen works is

Sunday Wash Day, which entails, prepooing, shampooing, cowashing, deep conditioning, oiling scalp, m & s, and of course styling.

Now whatever style I do Sunday night, whether it is a braid out, twist out, rod set, pony tail, etc. has to last me until Wednesday night, because Wednesday night is when I cowash, and do everything I do on wash day except for washing, and dcing.

How do I achieve this? Pineappling! It works for when your hair is in any curly style like the few I've named, it helps to preserve the curls.

You do this by loosely gathering your hair into a loose high pony, to prevent you from flattening your curls, coupling with your satin bonnet, you can also use a satin scarf, if not worn too tightly.

 I sometimes just gather my hair into two, one either side of my hair. This works as well.

Remember the Braid Out I did a day ago, I pineappled by putting my hair in two

and here is my second day hair.

This method works for me, as I am not one to rebraid, or retwist my hair after a braid/twist out.

Just wanted to share one of my curly methods for my curlies out there!


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