Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Notice Your Growth!

Hey All!

Everyone who is on their HHJ finds things to obsess over. We obsess over things like gaining thickness, or length, for most of us, both! However we do not ever realize when our hair is in fact, doing those things!

You have gained thickness/growth if.....

You see curls popping around your hairline, or your roots feel plush

You have to buy bigger shower caps, or start using plastic bags

If you have to take more time detangling

You have to make more plaits or twists for your braid/twist outs
You are going through Conditioner way faster than you use to

You need to get bigger rods or rollers for your rod sets (Which is what I realized! I just upgraded to the orange Cold Wave Rods which are 3/4 of an inch, to at least one up, which is the 1 inch green rods, go me!)

Anyway those are just some things I picked up on! If you guys notice anything feel free to share!


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