Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flat Twist & Pony (Protective Style)

Hey All!

I did a quick style using a couple of flat twists. I think it was a nice change from my usual side parted pony.

I did this style on freshly cowashed hair. I used one of my favorites, VO5 Moisturizing Milks. I then oiled my scalp with my Castor Oil infusion, and then followed with my Super Moisturizing Coconut Leave in. I sealed with EVCO.

 I did this pony without using my beloved Eco Styler Gel! I only used a bit to slick down my "baby hair" before tying on my satin scarf to flatten my hair.

It is cute and simple, so it will be added into my style repertoire. Especially since my goal is to reach APL this year, as protective styles are vital! I have also found out that I get better definition if I do the twist horizontally, instead of vertically, like you would do cornrows.

Flat twists can also double as a style in itself, so this is a great protective style. ( Flat twists are done like cornrows, except it is done with two strands.)

Just wanted to share with you guys!


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