Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hey All!

So I have spent the weekend in my home city, New York, and it was quite an adventure! (Heading back home today) What I really want to share is my renewed love for my 'fro!

I blew my hair out Thursday night, for the purpose of my hair being stretched, to wear a braid out this weekend. Due to Friday's humidity, my braid out turned into a 'fro, by the time I left work. So I was rocking super big hair.

I felt a bit self conscious about it, but quickly got over it, after a few guys tried to "holla". Yes, I know I shouldn't look for validation, but catching a guys eye is an instant confidence boost...married or not!

So I rocked my fro with pride, I did braid it again to attempt another braid out for Saturday, but ironically, I made the plaits too small, so I did not get the definition I was looking for.

Though with this, I did a new style! Remember how I told you guys I learned how to do flat twists, well, I parted my hair in the middle, and did one flat twist on either side, and secured the twists with a bobby pin, and my flat twists served as a headband.

I want to do this style over, but my cheap dollar store hair dryer finally gave out. So now I can't put off buying a new one. I will still post the pictures of the flat twists, I will just ponytail it in the back. So stay tuned!


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