Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thanks BHP

Hey All!

As you guys know, I am part of many hair forums, but the very first I joined, which I call my "home forum" is Black Hair Planet. I joined before I was even interested in hair care or starting a HHJ.

The ladies (and gentleman) there have been nothing but wonderful to me, I swear they are family!

Getting along to the point, another great aspect of being a member of BHP, besides the people, and advice, is the raffles!

Around holidays, there tends to be raffles that members can participate in. No real money is used, only the credits you earn through posting in threads. (Posting also helps you gain status, since I have been posting since for ever I have reached the highest I can go, is Senior Diva, which I am sure they are working on as we speak!)

You enter the raffle, and those holding winning tickets get the prize. The prizes are awesome. It can be Hairfinity Vitamins, JBCO, Shea Butter, Gift Certificates, etc.

The raffle before last- The 4th of July raffle, I actually won items.

I won Hairfinity Vitamins (30 day supply), and a 4oz Tropical Isle Coconut JBCO, so I am more than pleased.

So this is a thanks to Admin & Dena! You guys are amazing!


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