Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soft Roots

Hey all!

I oiled my scalp last night with my JBCO mixture (Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Home Health Castor Oil, and Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil) and my roots feel so soft! I am not sure whether my braids have slipped on it is new growth but either way, it feels lovely!

I should not be surprised though, JBCO has always left my roots feeling soft and moisturized, which is why it is a necessary staple in my regimen.

So if you are looking for an oil that promotes growth and thickness, while softening your new growth, this oil is it!

I have still been applying JBCO on my bald spots, and I am feeling more fuzz, so I guess that is a good thing. I will be doing an other comparison with pictures, sometime this week, so look out for that post.

You will have to give a little with expectations, as I have not used Cayenne Pepper (promotes growth through circulation) in about 3 weeks, and I usually do 1-2 four hour treatments, with a shower cap.

I also will be washing my braids this weekend along with redoing some braids, at least the ones along my hairline, so they will look decent for Christmas.  I hope I can come up with a hairstyle for Christmas, instead of the usual bun or ponytail.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a quick update!



  1. Hey girl so the JBCO is giving some results is it. I fell off the wagon on using mine but I have a bit left and I'm thinking to start using it again on my thin edges.

  2. You should! Or regular Castor Oil. I think it works just as well, it's just that JBCO leaves my roots feeling so silky! I actually mix the two, and use it on my scalp and bald spots, it has done well in thickening my hair. It also has given me 'baby' hair along my hairline, which I never had before.


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