Sunday, June 20, 2010

Single Strand Knots- A Natural's Nemesis

Lately I have been experiencing Single Strand Knots also called Fairy Knots. A single strand knot, is hair that has tangled itself into a ball on the end of a single strand of hair. (I have been getting rid of them though!)

This knot forming, is usually a sign of dry hair. When the hair is dry it rubs against itself. Another way is through shampooing. When Shampooing, you are suppose to add the shampoo to your scalp, and not pile the length of your hair on top of your head (I am guilty of this). Cotton Towels can also cause dryness in hair, however, I have heard of those using cotton T-shirts, which does not take as much moisture out of the hair, as a cotton towel would.

Hair accessories can also cause knots, if your hair becomes tangled in them. If you like to bun or wear pony tails often I suggest using Goody's Ouchless Hair Ties, or any brand of hair ties without metal.

To get rid of these troublesome knots, it is best to snip them off with hair shears, you want to make sure to use hair shears, as these are sharp and are made to cut hair, regular scissors can cause more damage due to the blade's bluntness (it can bend hair, and cut jagged/unevenly). You can try to untangle the knot possibly with a needle, or if you catch it before it tightens, otherwise, I would try the search (for single strand knots) and destroy (remove) method. I have been guilty myself of snagging knots, but that is not suggested! Remember, the ends of your hair is the oldest, and most delicate, you want to hold on the them! Of course not if damaged, it is not good to hold on to damaged ends, but if it can be salvaged, then so be it.

Ways to avoid getting Single Strand Knots, is Moisture! It is important to keep your scalp as well as your ends moisturized.

Make sure you are shampooing properly (not piling hair on top of head), if using a cotton towel to dry hair, try squeezing excess water out of hair instead of rubbing vigorously, or try the T-shirt method.

Cowash in between wash days, as this helps keep hair clean and moisturized, it is also important to detangle (using wide tooth comb, or paddle/denman brush) while cowashing.

Deep condition regularly.  Using moisturizing and protein based conditioners, as it is good to have a balance to avoid moisture or protein overload. (protein overload will result in shedding/ breakage, and moisture overload will result in limpness/loss of elasticity)

Seal & Moisturize. To seal means to lock in moisture from a water based conditioner with an oil. This helps hair to retain moisture. (It is not necessary to seal if your conditioner is oil based)

If you have a regimen, you should be doing these things on a daily/weekly basis, which means you should be knot free, congrats! If not, then just follow the tips listed, and it should prevent future knots. Hope that helps!

Until next time, HHG to All! Naomi ~


  1. I get little knots too after I wash my hair. I was wondering about them. I thought it was only my hair because I am transitioning. Thanks for the post.


  2. YW I thought so too! I got them real bad while taking out my two strand twists, the were really dry! I won't be doing them anytime soon.

    You can try to catch them before they tighten with a bobby pin, I caught a few that way.


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