Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cayenne Update Comparison Pics (3rd Edition)

As you guys know, I have been using Cayenne Pepper as a growth aid since the beginning of my my Healthy Hair Journey, (HHJ) February 2009. I also began a two part Cayenne Pepper Challenge on Black Hair Planet. Which ended a couple of months ago, for all the members of the challenge. I am still doing cayenne pepper 'treatments' (as I like to call them) as it is a part of my weekly regimen.

After researching Cayenne Pepper, I learned that, Capsaicin is a compound found in Chilli Peppers, Capsaicin causes a burning/tingling sensation to any tissue it comes in contact with. This burning sensation means the area it is applied to is being stimulated, which means blood flow! The blood flow helps awaken follicles. Cayenne Pepper happens to be in Chilli family, which is what attracted me to using this spice. 

I have Traction Alopecia, and I have had it since I was a child.Unfortunately at the beginning of my HHJ, I didn't think to take pictures of my bald spots, but believe me, there was nothing there. Now I didn't know that Cayenne Pepper would work, but I guess it was worth a try.

I started out with a more 'complex' mix, containing oil, ground cayenne pepper, paprika, and water. I would put my ingredients in a small tupperware bowl. It was not exactly complex, but because I did not measure my ingredients, it was a little tough trying to get the right consistency. As I like it to be a loose paste. I liked it to be thick enough to not drip, but loose enough to spread/apply on my scalp.  I started out using this mix for an half hour, without a cap, 2-3 times a week. I then also use to save my batch, I use to leave it on a shelf, and it would dry out, and to reuse, I'd just add a little water and mix with my finger.

(The mix can also can be refrigerated, if you decide to leave it on a shelf, do not cover, last time I did that, it molded lol)

I now use a much simpler version, just ground cayenne pepper and water. I have a lot less trouble getting the consistency I want, and I feel I am getting better results as the cayenne pepper is alone. I now only use cayenne 1-2 times a week, if I do two treatments I usually will only do 2 hours at a time with a shower/plastic cap, if I only do it once for the week, I will do 4 hours at a time with a shower/plastic cap. I now make a new batch each time I decide to do a treatment, as I feel it is fresher, and all it's potency is in tack. It is not necessary though.

It has been couple of months since my last update, so I figured now would be a good time to show you guys my progress. I cannot tell, but maybe you all can.

 (I'm sure those who are following me are like there she goes with that Cayenne Pepper, but I try to explain a little as to why, and how I use it for those who are new to the blog)

I am going to try to keep posting updates every 2-3 months. I hope for those of you like myself, who have bald spots,loosing/thinning hair, that this gives you the courage to try Cayenne Pepper!

I have been slacking lately with doing my Cayenne Treatments, but I trying to get back on the ball, and have these spots fully filled in by the end of next year.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

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