Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deep Conditioning Challenge For Balance!

Hey all! I am conducting a Deep Conditioning Challenge for Balance, on Black Hair Planet, (I encourage you all to join me!) for a three month period. This time around I really want to focus on on balance since I was suffering from single strand knots, and shedding.

To have balance you need to use both moisturizing and protein based deep conditioners. It depends on the person as to how many times they decide to use protein and moisture based dc's. It is healthy to deep condition weekly, and that is what the ladies participating in this challenge and myself will be doing.

The Deep Conditioning Challenge For Balance will Begin Saturday, October 16th, 2010. This Challenge will run until December 16th for a break during the holiday season, since I know how hectic it can be!

In the challenge we have check in dates. It is so we can post about our experience, and any results we've been getting from our weekly deep conditioning. The dates are

Starting Date: October 16th, 2010
November 16th, 2010
December 16th, 2010 (Check Out)
 Everyone has two main deep conditioners that they will use for the challenge (1 protein/1 moisturizing) if you would like to use another dc that is not one of the two of your main conditioners, you can use a pass. You are allowed two passes a month.

Here are the rules

  1. You are required to deep condition for at least once a week!
  2. You can deep condition on wet or dry hair (whatever your preference)
  3. Deep condition with heat for at least 30 minutes
  4. If deep conditioning without heat, leave it in for at least 1-2 hours
  5. You can make any additions to your deep conditioner, just post what you added(Oils, honey, eggs, or any ingredient of your choosing)
  6. Passes are to be used when you do not use one of the two conditioners you listed to be your main conditioners for this challenge
  7. You are allowed 2 passes a month.
  8. Please post when a Pass is used.

You guys are more than welcome to join, or to incorporate weekly deep conditioning as well!

Until Next time, Naomi~

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