Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cayenne Pepper + Shower Cap= Steam

 As you all know, I have been using 'Cayenne Treatments' to aide growing back hair on my bald areas. It really on consists of water and ground cayenne pepper. All I do is apply it to my bald spots, and throw on a shower cap, and let it sit on my scalp for a few hours.

I make sure that it has a pate like consistency, as it is easier to apply and does not drip.

The past few times while doing my treatment, I noticed condensation on the inside of my shower cap. Similar to what happens to your mirrors in the bathroom while taking a hot shower.

Maybe it is the heat my scalp is giving off from the cayenne pepper being on it, as cayenne pepper helps with blood flow. So I'm thinking that is what causes the steam.

It is not immediate, it happens over a couple of hours, I am sure because, hot air is being trapped. I cannot tell if it does anything for my hair, as I usually prepoo overnight, and do the treatment the following day before shampooing.

It still is pretty cool. Here's a pic.

Not a very clear pic, but it looks kind of foggy under there. Either way, my hair is always super soft after doing my treatment (prior to prepooing).

Steaming your hair helps soften and restore moisture back into your hair. You can do a makeshift steaming, putting a plastic cap on your head, and  wrapping hot towels around , I have heard turbie twist towels are good for that. Or you can invest in a hair steamer.

Just wanted to share.

Until Next Time, Naomi~


  1. How has the Pepper been working?

    The same thing happens to me when I DC. When I did my first DC, by the time I finished applying it, my hair was dry and I thought well, how is this gonna work? So I put my cap on, and an hour later the cap was kinda foggy and my hair was all soft. Then it all clicked lol.

  2. Lol. Yeah, it took me a while to realize too. I've been trying to keep up with it, and doing longer sessions, but I probably have about two applications left in my shaker, but it's okay since I've had it since early 2009.

    I'm going to take a break for a month or two, and just use Castor oil, since my hair won't be free. I'll still do my update to see if I got any growth sometime in December.


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