Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bad News (Update)

Hey All!

Remember how I said that I was taking Hairfinity vitamins for growth, well....I somehow managed to lose them. (Lol) I tend to carry them around in my purse, and somewhere along the way I lost them, I missed a couple of days taking them, but I was close to finishing off the bottle.

I really wanted to be able to track my progress for you all, but I clearly cannot without taking them! Eventually I will order some, and try to track again, but until then, I will be getting back to using my Hairdrenaline/Potion; starting today!

I have been incredibly lazy with my hair lately, and going heat crazy, so my hair really could take some tending to.

I am really upset about the Hairfinity Vitamins, but C'est la vie.

Just wanted to give you guys an update, as soon as I get find my camera I can go back to taking pictures, and soon enough will upgrade to a youtube channel. So thanks for bearing with me!

Stay tuned!


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