Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bored of my Hair/Update

Hey All!

I did not know what to call this post, other than what I am feeling; and that is very bored. Everything having to do with hair, at least my own, bores me. Perhaps I need to go product shopping, and experiment or something. No style seems to come out right on my hair anymore besides Two Strand Twist Outs, and because of my alopecia, I cannot really pin it up, so my hair is either in a twist out, or a side pony tail.

I have been contemplating putting my Yarn Braids/Genie Locs back in, thing is I really do not have the time to put them in nor really to do my hair on a whole. There is also the factor  of summer coming. I ams sure if you guys have been following me for a while, you know that I like to braid or twist my hair into some sort of style in the winter and in the summer. One in time for the holidays, and the other is because of the heat and humidity. Sue me, but I am not one of those naturals who are content with just wearing a fro all the time. If I were to do them this month I would keep them in for at least 2 months, which puts me off in the dead of the summer, and again, I refuse to rock puffs, and twist outs all summer (lol), again, sue me. Especially since my hair got cut, and shrinks up to EL now.

Something has got to give though, because hair should not feel like a chore. We will see I guess. As far as school goes, I get to bring in family and friends as clients for a grade, so I am nervous about that, but excited all the same. I will try to remember to post pictures of my work, so you guys can see what I am working with! (Lol)

In the meantime I will figure out what to do with my hair, or what my styling options are. I am open to suggestions!! Anything that will put me out of my boredom.



  1. As a natural since 2005, I know what you mean about getting bored. But lately I've been experimenting with half-wigs and i love it! I went on youtube and looked up natural hair and wigs and some great textures popped up that mimic my 3c/4a hair. It has given me the variety I've been looking for and a break for my bra-strap length hair. Enjoy the summer!

    1. Thanks!

      I cannot wait until the day I can say I am Bra Strap Length. I've been eyeing wigs myself, but braids and twists are my first love. I decided to braid my hair back up into the Yarn Braids. It is the easiest style I have encountered, and the most natural looking. I love them, so I will definitely be enjoying my summer. =)

  2. I felt like my hair was a chore when relaxed and feel the same way sometimes now. It's like taking care of your skin or body, it's something you pretty much have to do and will not always enjoy. I've just never thought that hair is an exception and that I must always enjoy taking care of it or love it all the time.


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