Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sublimed Sulfur= Scalp Bumps?

Hey All!

A year ago I received a lovely package from my Secret Santa on my home forum, BHP. In it, was some Sublimed Sulfur! Now this was the as Jay-Z would call it, Holy Grail, of hair growth. I have heard so many great things about it, and now could participate in a challenge the person who sent me, was conducting! How cool is that? turned out to be a bust, not because it didn't work, but simply I let any semblance of a hair regimen go down the toiled in 2012. Hair was an all the way mess. So this year I'm picking it back up.

Hair in the bald spots were growing an er'thang. I had infused the sulfur, and I mean all 4 ounces of it into a bottle of Olive Oil...I was told that I shouldn't have because it could be over powering. I didn't find that out until recently. I added that infused olive oil into some JBCO for super I liked to think of it. Turns out, she was right, an I ended up with little itchy scalp bumps.

I'm seeing great results, but I was oiling my scalp almost everyday. I think I'll scale back to every other day or three times a week. If that doesn't work I'll discontinue..

 I'll upload pictures of the bald spots later. (lol)


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