Thursday, December 15, 2011

Black Hair Planet Secret Santa Goodies

Hey All!

As you all know I am on many a hair forum, but I call Black Hair Planet, BHP for short, my home forum. It was the very first one I joined, and it is so close knit, like a little hair family (Lol) I love the ladies there.

The reason I bring my divas up is because it is holiday season! Like last year, we are doing Secret Santa. When we do it we all write up lists, just as we would with Santa, and the secret gift giver sends you something from the list.

Well my divas are already sending gifts out.How do I know? Well it is because I just got mine!

I already know who sent it to me by the name...and it was the Lovely Ms. Saunta (Hope she doesn't mind the shout out).

Here is the items she sent me ^_^

  1. Tangle Teezer. (Supposed to be awesome for detangling)
  2. Tropical Isle JBCO
  3. Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer (Great leave in/heat protectant)
  4. Shea Butter (As if you all did not know what it is! lol)

She pretty much got almost everything on my wish list, come to think of it lol. Besides raffles, and Secret Santa, I love BHP because everyone is so close knit. My girl is from Barbados, and still was more than willing to participate, so it is all love! Join if you have not found a home forum, and even if you do, there is no forum like Black Hair Planet.

As for my gift, I have yet to send it (LOL). I keep kicking myself for it, but I am forcing myself to do it tomorrow; no excuses!

I could not find much on the list unfortunately, but I hope my Secret Santa giftee likes them.

I just HAD to share! I hope everyone is getting their shopping, because Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! I know I need to.

Oh I did BSL Yarn Braids aka Genie Locs, so I will be posting soon. Be on the look out!


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