Friday, April 6, 2012

Can We Say Setback?!

Hey all!

As you all know, I'm in Cosmetology school. Every other Friday or so, we have what is called 'Student Exchange'. It is when students can do each others hair instead of working on our mannequin. I usually do not participate, but today I said what they hey.

I swore off heat, but I thought I should take advantage and see if my hair bring straightened by another being would make a difference.

Everything was going fine, she did a light wash, and conditioning, the detangle was a little rough because she tried to detangle with no product =/ it got better once she used some.

After the blow dry I was told that my ends needed to be cut, which I knew already. We asked our teacher how much she should cut and she said to do a blunt cut (straight across).

Now before trimming she told me u had a "dip" in my hair. I guess where my hair is shortest or broken off. I really only wanted an trim, which would be about an inch.

I let her cut and we are off to flat ironing. When she finishes she shows me how it looks. I look at my hair, and then at the floor and I realized that I was looking at about 3 inches of my hair on the floor! In a matter of a minute or so, I had been taken from APL to SL.

I immediately wanted to cry. It was not butchered or anything, but this was the first time I had ever let anyone else do in years; yet instead of a trim, instead of a cut. She did a nice job though my hair feels like I got a relaxer.

Though to be honest I am still a little sad that I have to start over. I keep telling myself that I needed it, and that they were dead ends, and had to go to make myself feel better. Lol. I do like that my hair is even now though so that way it will grow that way instead of the layers it had been growing in.

So I guess instead of my goal being BSL this year, my goal will be
trying to get back to APL, but at least it will be full. That is the bright side I suppose.

I saved a piece of what was cut just to show you all! I also took pictures of my hair. Please excuse my lack of make up and the bags. Lol.

Had to share my hair woes with you guys. Setbacks are a part of the journey too! We just have to make sure we bounce back from 'em.



  1. Hun your hair looks lovely, I am sorry you lost so much from the trim. But you know and said it yourself you will be back at APL and shooting for BSL.

    I think you look good though and your hair is bangin nice ;). HHJ

    1. Thanks Leen! I really appreciate the compliments and the kind words. Almost wish I had you with me when my hair was murdered. Lol. I'm joking, but I'm am warming up to my shorter hair, though I feel kind of naked. It is a nice cut so I'm just going to try to enjoy it.Like you and I both said, I'll be shooting for BSL in no time.

      Oh and your hair looks amazing by the way, congrats on the BC! Welcome to the land of Naturalness lol. Transitioned for 2 years and now you have hair longer than me, ain't that bout a b-otch. lol

  2. So sorry to read this =/ I know you'll get your hair back in no time though, your hair looks great anyhow!

  3. Aw, thank you Moderne! I know it will, and evenly this time! Thanks for following the blog =)


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