Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What The Rust?!

Hey All!

Lol. The title says it all y'all! I was so upset yesterday when I discovered what become of my MaxiGlide. I meant to post yesterday, but it somehow slipped my mind. I noticed that it was becoming more difficult than usual.

If any of you guys are familiar with the blog you know that my flat iron has teeth. It suppose to help with detangling, and getting the ends well, which is what I had a problem with with my previous flat iron. Thing is, the dang things are snagging my hair! I thought I was just being rough, but I looked at my plates, and low and behold, the things have rust!

I have no clue how to get it of because of the teeth! It is quite upsetting being as though I have only had this flat iron for a year. It is a great iron but it I may have to get another one, probably with regular plates, just to ensure that I can clean it properly.

So heads up to any of you who own or are thinking about purchasing a MaxiGlide!


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