Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guess what?

I'm braided up again! You guys I couldn't take it! I found myself with little to no time to take care of my hair, and doing the same 2 styles all the time. So I decided to braid my Locs back in.

By far it is my favorite style, not because I have gotten a million compliments on them (which helps lol) but because I have always wanted Locs but I do not have the density to have them look they way I would want them to. Perhaps if I didnt have bald spots but, c'est la vie.

Yarn is really hard to come by (no Walmarts in NYC) so I had to find a Michael's Craft Store, after walking around for an hour and half looking for independent Yarn stores. I bought a huge bundle for $9.49 USD, and I would say that I used more than half of it. It took me over the course of y2 days to put them in (roughly 20 hours). They are much thicker than last time, but that's probably because I tripled up on the strands in the back. (Figutedd I had the yarn, so why not. Lol)

Again I love them! I've already been trying to experiment with styles. I'll be keeping them in the whole summer, and cleansing my scalp with a backing soda, water, ACV mix, with a handy dandy toothbrush.

And that's all folks! Lol I'll be popping in with more styles, so stay tuned!

(If you would like to know how to do them yourself, search yarn braids on the blog and I wrote about how I do them in an older post. Back in 2010 I think lol)

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  1. i had yarn braids once but i prefer the synthetic hair. i just put in some Senegalese twits! yarn braids truly goes well with you :)


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