Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review- Tangle Teezer

Hey All!

I have not done a review in a while, so I figured I finally get around to doing one. Usually I do product reviews, because it is rare when I try a new "tool" but because of all the raves I have heard about it, I thought it would be nice if you guys heard my opinion.

Now I did not pay for this tool (lol) it was given to me as a gift as part of the Christmas Raffle, back on my Home Forum (BHP) I love the ladies over there! Anyway getting back to the review. I have the green one, and it is a seafoam kind of green, which I find pretty. I am not exactly sure where she bought mine from, because Sally Beauty only sells them in the Original Pink, Purple, and Black, colors.

So perhaps Amazon? I am terrible I know. Either way, no matter the color, they are sold for $9.99 USD at most locations. They should be in your, again, local Sally Beauty Supply, regular Beauty Supply Store, or online on websites such as, Amazon.

The purpose of the Tangle Teezer is pretty much in the tool's name; basically to detangle hair. I have been using this tool for a couple of months now, and I absolutely love it! I was afraid that the teeth would snag my hair, because the seemed fine, but with the help of conditioner, it glides through my hair. I also hear very little to know snapping (You know the snap sound your hair makes after it stretched too much, and snaps off), opposed to when I use to use a paddle brush to detangle.

The one flaw I can really say about it is that your hair kind of stays in it (Lol). The best way at least I found, to clean it is to run it underwater with it turned slightly sideways. It helps loosen the hair, so you can use the other hand to grab it out of there. I suppose hair texture has to do with how the hair stays in the tool as well. I am a 4a (with the tiniest part of 3c in the back).

Honestly I do not see me detangling with another tool, it has actually made co-washing somewhat pleasurable, which I have been doing a lot lately for Puffs. (Yes, I have finally ventured off into the world of Puffs!) I would NOT suggest using it without having your hair saturated in some kind of conditioner.

 It is a great product, it definitely works for those with Natural Hair, it is sort of pricey depending on what your view of pricey is, but it is worth every penny!

I give it a 4.5 out of 5. (Only because it takes a little work to get the hair out of it)


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