Monday, February 18, 2013

Havana Twists

Hey All!

I have not been sharing something with you all...and that is this my new favorite style; Havana Twists!

They are twists that are suppose to look like that of your natural hair. They can be as big or as thin as you prefer though the style is meant for a puffier look. The creator of this style has a specific hair for this style. It can be purchased on their site The hair is being sold for $12.99 USD per pack.

On the site it states that it can take 5-7 packs of hair to achieve the look.

My struggling stylist, pockets could not handle a price so steep, so I chose to use Marley Hair. Lol. Now the issue with Marley hair is that is has a "crinkly" look to it, and does not mimic the smoothness of a twist done with one's natural hair.

For that I had a trick; I blow dried the tufts before I used to sort of iron the hair out, then I twisted with them. I used 4 tufts for each twist, and I have 29 or 30 twists altogether. Not sure which one lol.
I did something different and incorporated a little color, by using a red in 4 twists, placed randomly, just for a element of surprise to the look. Due the the blow drying time, I would say it took me two hours to put in, not counting the time it took to wash and blow dry my actual hair the day before. To seal the ends I put Cold Wave Rods on the ends and dipped them in hot water.

Here is how they came out.

I have had to redo them over a couple of times due to slippage. I used 5 packs but really I needed 6. I probably would have had 2-3 more twists if I had extra. I originally liked the middle part, but it looks a bulbous-y due to me opting to start of with a braid, rather than the twist in method. That method truly does give the "Natural" effect, but something about puffy roots drives me bananas. Lol. That is just me I guess.

They are about BSL length, which reminds me a lot of my Yarn Braids I had all last year, so to have "my" length back is nice.

I really love the ease of this style, it takes me 30 mins to take out and redo my whole head if I feel fit. It is also easy to keep my hair moisturized. Next time I think it would be best for me to just shell out the extra cash and buy the real hair. As it is reusable and you can treat it as your own hair, which is great!

Again, I adore this protective style, and definitely recommend for you Curly-Kinkies out there!


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