Saturday, April 10, 2010

Uneven Hair Growth

As you all know I have been natural for the past six months, and everything has been going well. My bald spots are growing hair, thanks to my cayenne pepper treatments, my hair is healthier than it's ever been, I experience little to no shedding or breakage, I have no heat damage, no split ends that I know of, but yet my hair decided it wanted to grow unevenly.

I BCed at home, and I believe my hair was EL (Ear Length) or close to NL (Neck Length) since then the back has grown to be about SL (Shoulder Length), but yet the front only reaches about CL (Chin Length) /EL, I know this because I decided to flat iron my hair, since I am not home, and cannot style it everyday because I do not have my beloved products! 

I am sure this is pretty common, but I am frustrated! I am hoping my hair becomes even by the end of this year, I refuse to claim SL until then! I also have a piece of hair that broken off while I was relaxed due to hair care ignorance lol. To help influence growth, I will keep up with my reggie, I have not been trimming/dusting (dusting means to trim a tiny amount of hair, small enough to resemble dust, hence the name), because I really haven't felt a need to, my ends are not not split, they are uneven in places, but I want to give it a chance to catch up, especially because it has been so long since I have retained length.

While I was relaxed, my hair never surpassed EL, which was really upsetting, because of how badly broken off it was, I cut my hair short back in 2007 so my hair would look decent. What I did not know, was cutting my hair was not going to solve the problem if I still had the same bad habits, you know, relaxing every 4 weeks, not sealing, not deep conditioning,washing/cowashing, basically not doing anything, and relying only on my visits to the salon, and the "advisory" of the beautician.

Anyway, I am entering myself in my own challenge! The retaining length for even hair challenge! Lol, my goal, like I stated before is to get my hair close or the same length all around without trimming or dusting. I hope it works, I am giving myself until the end of this year to complete this challenge! You all are welcome to join me, or set your own personal challenge, and share your experiences!

Until Next Time, HHG TO ALL! Naomi <3

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